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Updated on March 21, 2013
S.M. asks from Elcho, WI
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I just had to buy my 10 yr old another pair of new shoes. I was astonished that his foot is already a size 8 men's. Makes me wonder how big his foot is going to be in his senior year. Do you have to order custom made shoes for him? How much do they run?

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answers from Los Angeles on

My oldest nephew and his Dad both wear a size 13. My nephew has been that size since he was in the 8th grade.

Size 13 is relatively common and easy to find. it is when you get bigger than that size 14+ when it comes hard to find and you have to custom order.

Although while looking for my nephew (whom is now 17!) over the years, I have found that there are a great many stores that sell shoes all the way up to size 15, Nordstroms rack being one of them, just FYI!

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answers from Honolulu on

My daughter is 10 years old, in 5th grade.
She wears, a size 5 or 6, in women's sizes.
And she can wear my shoes too, which is a size 7.

It does not mean, that their feet will keep growing exponentially.

All the kids in my daughter's grade/class, are tall and her shoe size is not uncommon. Many of her classmates are also taller than she is and bigger footed.

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answers from Washington DC on

My stepson has big feet. Fear not, you can usually find a 13 or 14 in retail stores, but anything bigger might need to be a special order. SS's bigger problem has been socks. Few places sell size 13 socks. When he gets that big, and you see those socks, stock up.

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answers from Norfolk on

My husband wears a size 13.5.
It only takes a few pair to fill up a closet.
Our son is 14 (in 8h grade), 6ft 1in (as tall as Dad) and he's wearing a men's size 12.5.
It's a pretty good bet he's not yet finished growing.
Our pediatrician always said our son had the potential to reach 6ft 4in and he's most of the way there already.
You can get shoes at Shoes XL - they run up to size 17+ and EEW width.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My brother had a size 12 foot in 5th grade but it never grew after that.

My daughter went into 5 th grade with a size 5 but by the end of the school year she was a 7-7 1/2. She is in HS now and her foot is still a 7 -71/2.

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answers from New York on

U can find up to size 15 in stores these days. 20 years ago you could not. My son wears a 15 and does not have trouble getting sneakers. He usually gets his work boots from LL Bean. Believe it or not size 14 is common for tall kids these days. His foot may stop growing. I would not worry about it now.

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answers from Chicago on

My dad is a 13, 1 of my brothers is a 15. With a 15 he hasn't had to buy custom made shoes. Hopefully your son's feet won't get into the Shaquille O'Neil range ;-)

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answers from Madison on

My daughter, who turns 13 in April, wears a women's size 11 shoe. She actually has a 10.5 foot, but the shoe companies don't make a 10.5 shoe. And she also has a wide foot.

I pray her feet are done growing and that the only growing she'll do from now on is growing taller!

She is built like her dad, who wears a size 12 EE mens.

I, on the other hand, am the small one in the family. My foot size is a 6.5-7 womens, depending on how the shoe is made.


answers from Seattle on

Ha. My son is 10 and in a men's size 8 as well.
I haven't really thought about his big feet!!
My cousin is 6'7 and he wears a men's size 17. Yes, they have to order his shoes special, along with his clothes.
I seem to remember them being quite expensive, so they would just order one pair at a time until they got to where he couldn't wear them anymore and then order another pair.
They aren't special made, just special order.



answers from Seattle on

My son is 10 & size 8 as well.

I'm soooo excited... In half a size so can steal his sneakers! Because he'll out grow them! Oh yeah! Cleats for mama!

Its pretty normal for the men in my family to have size 12/13 feet. Super easy to shop for at any men's shoe dept.

Its not until 16+ that you have to start contacting Nike (sneaker companies DO make bball shoes, afterall.

Just like women's up to size 10 is everywhere, 11&12 in some, 13+ specialty.

Men's 13 everywhere, 14-15 some, 16+ specialty.



answers from Detroit on

most stores do get size 13 shoes in most styles. however they only get 1 or 2 pairs of size 13 and a lot more of the more common sizes -I think most guys are about a size 10...


answers from Modesto on

My oldest son wears a 13, they are kind of limited on styles. they get used to it tho.


answers from San Francisco on

I'm the "short" cousin in my family at 6'0" - my boy cousins are 6'4", 6'7", and 6'10". (Yes, people run away when they see us coming! ;)

Anyway, they all have big feet. One of them has size 13 - evidently that's not too hard to find. The taller guys have size 16 and size 17, and those are special order. Mostly they shop online. But then, so do I, and I'm a petite size 11. :)

OH - and if it makes you feel any better, my 10 year old girl is 5'4" and wears a size 9 shoes. I am hoping and praying her feet stop at size 10!!



answers from Houston on

When I was in 3rd grade, I wore a women's size 8. I'm 36 and wear a 9 1/2. My foot just grew very quickly. I'm only 5'5" in case anyone wondered, and was average height growing up. Now, my daughters have extremely tiny feet so far. My 5.5 yo wears a toddler 9, and my almost 3 yo wears a toddler 6-7. ;)



answers from Minneapolis on

My husband wears a 13, his brother wears a 13 and his older brother a 15. None have to buy custom shoes.

My son is 8.5 years old and wears a boy's size 5 shoes. I wear a boy's size 6 shoe so his feet are almost as big as mine. My niece who is 9 wears the same size as me. My feet stopped growing when I was 14. My daughter is 6 years old and wears a toddler size 11 shoe.


answers from St. Louis on

My son's were like that and my oldest, who is 25, is only a 10 1/2.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi there
My son is 11 and wears about an 8 1/2... we don't special order, you just buy men's shoes. they have them in that size which although 8 1/2 might be big for a kid, it's small for men.. We ve also bought unisex sneakers.. in which case, my son might take a 9 .... (particularly in the Saucony brand)
Zappos has a good selection..



answers from Portland on

My husband wore a 13 by the time he was 12 but he still wears a 13 at 36, so you are probably ok. I wore a size 9.5 when I was 11 and I only wear a 10 now because my feet grew with pregnancy. I have to say I'm happy about that because I have more options now. Yippee for me, but even regular stores like Fred Meyer and Walmart carry a 13 so unless he goes beyond a 14 you should be good at a regular store.

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