Big Brother and Big Sister Ideas

Updated on June 11, 2009
E.S. asks from Amarillo, TX
5 answers

I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter and a year old son Im expecting another little girl in September. I am wanting to make it a very big special ordeal about them becoming Big brother and a bigger sister I am planning on making them a big brother/sister basket each and shirts. They will be in school when the baby is born and we are all excited. And this is the LAST BABY!
Any other ideas for the shirts or baskets or anything else?
Thanks everyone!

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I just thought I would pass this along, but I do a lot of sibling sets and custom orders so I can make a lot of things that are not on my website. All my products are hand dyed/tie dyed so they are all unique. If you are looking for matching things, I have a few on my website ( I also do embroidery so I could make things that actually say "big brother" etc. I wasn't exactly sure what you were thinking, but I do have some very different things that are a lot of fun. I can work with you to come up with something custom too.

Congratulations! The last baby is a big milestone for the whole family!


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On Ebay, they can make t-shirts that have the kids favorite character on them with their names saying "I'm the big brother/siser". Totally cute and only like, $15. Congrats on the new one!



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When my 3rd was born, we had wrapped gifts from the baby for each of my other kids (17 mo. boy and 3 1/2 yrs. girl at the time). We ordered the American Girl Bitty Twins boy/girl that looked like each of them. They are a little expensive, but are something that we will keep forever so it was worth it. Congrats!



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We got our Big Brother shirt for $5 at the Carters outlet. Can't beat that price. We were going to do a little birthday party with cupcakes, but we completely forgot. Have fun with it, and they'll love it no matter what!



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Call Kim Bransford at Nana Puddins Boutique and Emboridery. She makes "I'm the BIG Sister/Brother" shirts and can make them as personalized as you would want them! They are only like $20! ###-###-####. Tell her H. from Chunky Monkey Photography sent you!!


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