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Updated on September 27, 2007
J.K. asks from Williamsport, PA
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Well I got a report about my son a couple of weeks ago. I am still trying to firgue out what all of means. But the thing is how do you deal with the kids trying to set a fire in the house. Especially when he will just remember it for awhile and then it happens again. I have been dealing with alot with him. The other thing is that he plays with the dog the wrong way and I am afraid that sooner or later that he will end up biting some other kid because of the way that my son treats him. He is a good hearted dog when my son doesnt play with him like that. I started smoking outside so when I go outside things seem to get worse in the house. I am looking on advice on how to deal with things

I forgot to mention early that my son is on medication for adhd and his bi-polar and asthma. He has a counselor and he is sign up for wrap around services which I wont find out for about other three weeks if he is able to get it. I have been trying to get him wrap around for about 1 year. He is also in special education classes and he also have speech classes at school!

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So What Happened?

I greatly appreciate all the advice that I have gotten so far. The tears rolled down my face reading them. Making me realize that I am not alone!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm sorry for what you are going through. You don't mention if you son takes medication or if he is receiving any kind of counseling. Those interventions could help. If you are interested in therapy ask your son's doctor for a referral to a child psychologist or behavioral specialist or "wrap around" program. (You could also ask a counselor at your son's school or look in the yellow pages.) They will work with your son on appropriate behaviors and also guide you in how to deal with his disorder and behaviors. By the way, these services should be free in PA through the medical assistance program.

If you aren't seeing a counselor for your depression, you may want to consider that as well. Feeling good about yourself and learning coping strategies will help you focus your energy and tackle the difficult issues you are facing. Good luck to you!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Wow where to begin I honestly am flabbergasted I never knew kids younger than 17 could be diagnosed with bi-polar?



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Hi Jen
I have a son who has PDD which is autism spectrum disorder. I personally don't have experience with bipolar issues with my son but I do have friends who's kid have rage issues.
Here's a good support site...........,se...

I noticed you live in PA....Are you eligible for wrap around services. It's normally for spectrum kids but I think you can use that pysch eval for getting wrap around in your home to help curtail your childs behavior. How old is he and is he medicated?

You also have the right to getting your child an IEP in school for his education. It protects the child in getting fair education in the least restrictive enviroment.

My son has ADHS tendices but it's part of his PDD and he's on Adderal and I've seen a huge turn around in his attention.




answers from Sharon on

My oldest son is ADHD,OCD,and manic thing that have helped besides therapy is medication.When we first found out something was wrong with David we tried everything under the sun but medication and what a blessing it has been.
David was"self-abusive"and still is at times and he does play ruff with the animals and at times his brother/sister.And we have to remind him all the time to play nice.
We don't allow him around anything or anyone when he gets depressed or in his rage fits.The last for a few hours but in general are getting better.He knows when things get bad,he'll say"I need to be alone for awhile."And goes to his room until he chills out.
It's so hard dealing with him at times(this is causing problems with my current job)but with help from family and therapists it is getting easier.I have been dealing with this for the past 7years now(since someone finally listened to me and believed me that there was something truely wrong with him)and yes there are days now that i want to pull my hair out but this is few and far between.
let me know if you need anyone to talk to.
Good luck to you



answers from Erie on

J.--1st--do not blame yourself--you already have found out what the problem is. I had the ADHD/ADD diagnoses--many times it totally overlooks the real problem. Example--some children DX w/these actually snore at night depriving themselves of good rest & good O2 sats. Carbon dioxide builds up in the body--tissue/organs which most definitely can cause these behaviors. Narcolepsy can also be an issue--my daughter (now 18) was misdiagnosed w/depression/anxiety for years until I found through te Cleveland Clinic I have severe Narcolepsy/Snoring (you don't have to have apnea for snoring to adversely affect the brain/body). She is a much different person now. My oldest daughter (22) has Borderline Personality Disorder--this can also cause erratic behavior and be very wearing on us moms (I was separated/divorced w/she was 5 & my twins were 7 mos--single mom for 9 yrs b4 remarrying in 99). Mood Stabilizers can help tremedously w/the behavior issues--plus the individual actually gets to experience life w/o the roller coaster. I sure emphathize w/you--the depression you have may be partly hereditary--but it sounds like it is more circumstace related--do not--I repeat--do not--beat yourself up over it. I have learned after 15 yrs of therapy to accept I need help coping w/life more when things are crazy (my husband is in Iraq & my oldest is having another breakdown--my 4 yr old grandson is in the middle). Speak w/your own Dr. re: something like Wellbutrin, Cymbalto, Effexor to help yourself--it's OKAY--honest. Get yourself a good counselor--if you can't pay--there are plenty of free services. One of our local colleges offers free counseling from their PhD students in social work & Psychology. Women's Centers can also be a good resource for you. Sounds like your son's aggression/acting out is more mood related--be strong and stand your ground--don't back down re: what he is doing wrong--but be sure to always stress anything positive--no matter how small. Tough love is not always easy--but as a single mom--you have to maintain consistency or you will find yourself in a war zone. I will keep you in my prayers--you WILL be okay & I am sure you are doing a much better job of parenting than you think. J.

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