Beyond the BRAT Diet?

Updated on March 04, 2019
M.D. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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One of mine has a stomach virus. I’ve talked with the dr who recommended BRAT diet and probiotics. It’s fine and he’s starting to feel better but he’s getting tired of eating the same things especially now that he’s starting to feel better. Any suggestions on what to add that won’t be too much for a healing GI system?

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answers from San Francisco on

"The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that kids resume eating a normal, well-balanced diet appropriate for their age within 24 hours of getting sick"
Keep it simple (rice, noodles, broth/soup) and avoid fried, acidic and spicy food.
I would also add that it's perfectly okay for kids to get "tired" of something and still have to deal with it. It's a life lesson, in this case it's learning how to how to respect your body, and take heed of doctor's orders.

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answers from Boston on

I'd go for the bland white stuff - mashed potatoes (no milk, easy on the butter), chicken noodle soup, white pasta with a little sauce (no cheese). I'd keep dairy and high fiber really reduced but I think you could go to oatmeal, peanut butter on crackers or toast, a little chicken or turkey. Liquids are always good, whether it's popsicles or jello or ginger ale. If that all goes well, you can add in some cheese. Just keep the pieces and portions small - lots of little meals. If he goes another 12 hours with no problem, I think you can go back to regular food. He needs nutrition and energy to get well too. The idea is not to kick off more vomiting or diarrhea.

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answers from Washington DC on

while I don't know if your son has any other GI problems - graham crackers and milk - like a cereal - not too much milk - it gets really soupy.

Gatorade - frozen - you can make Gatorade popsicles too.
don't give him more than one new thing at a time - kinda like a baby - just to see how he responds to it.

Mac & Cheese - depending upon what he had - might be too much - might be just enough.

GOOD LUCK!! I know it sucks when our babies aren't feeling well

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answers from Springfield on

One reason doctor's suggest the BRAT diet is because it's bland and will probably be easily tolerated by someone who's really feeling sick. But it is by no means the only thing your son can eat.

Start with foods bland foods or foods that sound like they would be easy on the stomach - crackers, fruit, pudding. When I'm sick, sometimes I'll eat pretzels when I get tired of crackers (I wonder if the salt helps settle my stomach).

Ask your son what sounds good. My parents always encouraged me to eat things that sounded appetizing. If the thought of something turned my stomach, that would be something to avoid.

Don't over think it. Ask he what he would like to eat? Chances are, if it sounds good to him, it will be just fine.

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answers from Portland on

I sometimes have to clear out my system for procedures. If so, my gut can feel somewhat sore. I drink broth. It doesn't upset me. I don't know if kids would go for that though. I'm not sure if that would cause them to vomit (for me, it just doesn't irritate).

It kind of makes me feel a little more strong if that makes sense. I usually feel depleted and then I feel like I have some strength after having it.

Hope kiddo feels better soon :)

* maybe could dip toast in it?

When I feel nauseous I like pretzels and salted plain crackers now that Gidget mentions it, and I do serve that to my kiddos with chicken noodle soup. They just dip the crackers or toast into the soup. Same idea as the broth I suppose but probably more appealing to kiddos. If he's hungry and can stomach it, that's what I would go with.

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answers from Washington DC on

just bland, probably. buttered noodles. chicken broth with crackers. bread and milk with a sprinkle of sugar (unless dairy is an issue.) oatmeal.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Noodles, rice crackers, broth soups, saltine or graham crackers. Other fruit purees like pear. mashed potatoes might be okay depending on how much butter and stuff is in them. Yogurt should be okay in small amounts. My 8 year old loves kombucha which is a great prebiotic - it is fizzy so try very small amounts.

Mostly stay away from fruit juices and foods high fat.

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