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Updated on November 01, 2011
A.W. asks from Baltimore, MD
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I am trying to make some decisions on buying a new winter coat for myself and am having a hard time. Anyone have any recommendations on winter coats that are good for snow that will last about 10 years. I live in northern Maryland where it's typically 20-30 degrees in the winter but can get down to freezing. I plan to be outside in the winter with my kids on a daily basis and plan to use if I go sledding/skiing etc but that's also flattering. I am 5'4" and 125lbs. I already have a wool coat for nicer occasions, so I am thinking of buying a 3-1 coat from maybe The North Face. I love the look of white/ivory coats but am scared that I won't be able to get out potential stains. Any advice. Thanks!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely look into Lands End and LL Bean. I think I will probably end up with a black coat since usually more classic. I love white but think with 3 kids 6 and under and wearing it in the snow. It might end up too dirty looking. Thanks!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

Hands down- Lands end. They have the best coats. The quality is worth the extra few bucks. I have a fleece that I love, and I also have a parka style that is very warm. Almost all of their coats come in ivory.

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answers from Washington DC on

L.L. Bean and Lands End have some great jackets.

I live in Reston, VA - about 65 miles south west of you - we too typically get into the 20's here.

Sears also sells the Lands End jackets so you can go into the store and try them on. They have layered ones so you can use one jacket for more than one thing.


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answers from New York on

Lands End! Lasts and lasts.

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answers from New York on

I have a Land's End coat that I am really happy with. Watch for sales, especially right after Christmas, and you may get one for a good price (I got mine for 50% off in March). My kids have done well with the 3 in 1 type coats. I am in NJ so we have similar weather and I have not gotten cold in my current coat. I did buy the longer length coat not the shorter jacket though and it helps. Mine is called the "Squall Parka" but they have lots of good coats.

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answers from Chicago on

columbia coats are great. they last forever and if you have a problem they will repair or replace it. Go to the website and check it out. They are the only kind of coats we buy



answers from Washington DC on

I have a Lands End quilted coat and love it. I also bought their rain coat and love it too. wears well. a place to buy locally is burlington coat factory. if you haven't visited recently you'll find that coats at Nordstroms, etc. are found there too and cheaper. I bought my girls their coats there and paid like $30 vs. the $50+ at the bigger name stores.



answers from Washington DC on

I bought a coat last year from Lands End and I love it! I was able to buy it by "temperature". Look online and see if there is a color and style you like. They may be more reasonably proced than North Face too. Have fun!



answers from Anchorage on

if you want it to last, buy a down coat, pollyfil breaks down and bunches.



answers from Washington DC on

i think north faces r so cute. i am from Maryland and since its started snowing early i was not prepared. but i am going to order my north face from


answers from Providence on

You can't go wrong with Lands End or Columbia. both make a good coat.

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