Best Way to Label Kids' Clothes?

Updated on September 08, 2011
M.A. asks from Cambridge, MA
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As we send our first off to preschool (yikes!), I am suddenly faced with making sure that all of his clothing is labeled. What is the best way for a non-sewer to get labels on that stay?

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answers from Houston on

We had to label all my sister's clothing and we used a sharpie marker on the tag. If there wasn't a tag, we just wrote her name right by the collar of shirts/ dresses and just under the waistband of pants/shorts. For socks we wrote her name on the heel. Also we usually just did her first initial and last name ex. j.smith. Made life easier and less to write bc it does take time!

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answers from Columbus on

These are cute labels that stick on clothing and don't come off in the wash. You can use them on anything and you can pick what you want on them.

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answers from New York on

We also used a sharpie - they make a special "rub-a-dub" one for clothes.
You can also iron on, but I'm not sure where my iron lives.

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answers from Washington DC on

Tag mates from Mabel's Labels. I'm a huge fan, because they're great products. I've gotten freecycle clothes with tag mates on them that have obviously been worn, washed and used, but they peeled off when I needed them to. And no ironing needed! You can also get a back to school combo pack for shoes, backpacks, etc. All the things kids loose. Tag mates are good for small items, too, like matchbox cars and video games. I stick their larger labels on our camping gear, DD's backpack, everything! When I tell people the tags are 2 or more years old, they are impressed.

I used to use Sharpie, but that wears off when you don't want it to or stays when you need to change (like change names for another kid).

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi M.-

I just took a sharpie and wrote the last name on the tag. Then, for 'change of clothes, I used zipper bags and wrote on outside what was contained in bag.

If there were no 'tags', I found a thin sharpie did not bleed through if I had to write directly on clothes.

Best luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Use a sharpie. I used mables lables once and they weren't worth it. most of then came off in the 1st wash.



answers from Seattle on

I've always used a sharpie on the inside. Either on tags or collars/waistbands or cuffs. Or the inside of backpacks/ lunchboxes/ etc.



answers from Sacramento on

I went and bought a custom stamper (like the old fashioned ones they used to stamp dates on stuff with - like at the library - am I dating myself here or what!) and some permanent black ink and just stamped everything on the tags. cant remember where I got it. probably an office supply store.


answers from Richmond on

Instead of spending tons of $ on labels that never really worked, I got white felt, cut it into squares, wrote the kids names on with a black sharpie, and hot glued it in somewhere. Lasts longer than sticker labels, doesn't permenantly mark the clothes (you can dissolve the glue in I think I used vinegar? Google it)... but I put the labels towards the bottom of shirts on the inside along the stitching... worked very well for us.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, either sharpie on tags...or use iron on tape, and then sharpie the tape. Don't use red sharpie, b/c it bleeds on whites in the wash...use black.



answers from Springfield on

If you already have non-stick labels you can buy an iron on tape at the fabric store to stick the label to the clothes. You can also use it to hem clothes and other projects.


answers from St. Louis on

I am going back to bed. I just read the title as Best way to label kids! :(

Sharpie on the tag, otherwise there are iron on patches that you can write their name in. The only problem with those is they drive some kids nuts with the scratching and all.



answers from Boston on

We used Mabel's labels - one word: "awesome"!!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention Inchbug, We bought the "orbit labels" for juice cups, and they were great! Nice present too for those going to daycare with bottles. I think when we bought them they were called bumpies labels. In any case, it appears from their website they have expanded their product line to inlcude other labels. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

We use Mabel's Labels are they are great!!


answers from Boston on

I just used a fine-point Sharpie marker and put the name on the label or washing instructions, or on the inside of the neckline. It lasted longer than labels which can tear off or wash off.



answers from Youngstown on

I wrote on the tag in permant marker. First name last initial. I wrote small so if I gave the clothes away(most got ruined the other person could do the same and block it out. I wrote their names on their book bags on the outside.

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