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Updated on May 13, 2011
M. asks from Las Vegas, NV
5 answers

Hello Mamas,

I live in Vegas and the water here is hard and chemical laden. I want to get some kind of water softener and RO system. Does anyone have any opinions/experience with any companies or systems? Lowes and Home Depot offer this service. I also see Kinetico advertised. I want something that doesn't require a whole lot of maintenance. I also don't want monthly payments, something I can pay upfront and be done. (other than filter changes). Any advice?



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answers from Omaha on

I was concerned about the chemicals in our city's water as well because a test had been done stating that there was a higher level of chromium 6 in it. (The chemical that caused all the brauhaha in the movie Erin Brockovich.) Anyway, my husband thought I was nuts and wasn't going to spend money on an expensive water filtration system, so I just started buying the gallon jugs of drinking water that you can buy at Walmart or most grocery stores. Just look on the label that says it was processed by reverse osmosis. I actually could tell a difference in the taste and our tap water doesn't taste bad. It was much more cost effective for us to go this route. My hubby started drinking it too! LOL



answers from San Diego on

I have a Halo whole house water system and absolutely love it. It is on the pricey side but we have had it for almost 2 years, haven't had to do any maintenance, no changing of filters, absolutely nothing. And it is just a cylinder that sits on the back side of the house, and you can't even notice it, and it filters all the water going in the house. We also hooked up a pipe so the excess water goes on to the trees and lawn so we don't waste the water.
We used to have a ro system and then a few other filtration systems, just be careful because sometimes they take out everything out of the water, even the good stuff.
Then we also have an ionized alkaline water system at the kitchen sink that the filtered water feeds into and I use that for cooking, cleaning and drinking.
Feel free to PM, my husband was a plumber by trade and can provide you more information on water filtration systems.



answers from Atlanta on

We shopped and shopped and never had the money at the right time to spend on an expensive system. We recently bought a RO kitchen system from Costco. Our water is hard here but I hate the chlorine and the fluoride more than anything. It was relatively inexpensive at $150.00 with filter changes at $50.00. I think you can find it online at I'm sure there are better systems out there but sometimes the money makes the decision.

The water sure does taste good!



answers from Sacramento on

Keep in mind that RO is not always necessary to remove most of the things that are in the municipal water supply. RO actually wastes more water than you get out of it - although what you get out of it is very, very pure. But - do you need your water to be 100% pure, or are you good with just taking the nasty chemicals out of it? We did some research into this and found that a charcoal filtration system actually suited our needs just fine, and the fact that it doesn't waste any water was a big factor for us (I don't know about you, but our water bill is high enough as it is!). Anyway, we bought an Everpure filtration system just for our drinking water, and it works really well. Replacement cartridges are about $65, and we have to change them once a year. If you wanted to get a more elaborate system, you could get one with a pre-filter, but that's probably not necessary with the water volume that most families need for cooking and drinking water. Out the door our system was around $100. Can't beat that.



answers from Cumberland on

I own it-I have worked for this company-it is awesome-the technology is like none other -please know that it is the best-Kinetico! Everything else is inferior-I even have the drinking water sysem at my kitchen sink-it is reverse osmosis drinking water-at the point of use-and it is amazing!!

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