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Updated on June 15, 2008
A.S. asks from Missouri Valley, IA
4 answers

hey all you wonderful ladies,

Does anyone have a vehicle that they LOVE? Our family is growing, we plan to travel more, and our current vehicles are out of date! With gas that is crazy and all these new hybrids I don't know where to turn. Should we wait another year or so to see how things play out? I have also heard of flexfuel automobiles, does anyone know more about that? We can afford anything up to probably 40K.

I am looking for some personnal testimonies of newer vehicles your family loves. Thank you :)

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answers from Raleigh on

Hi AJ,
I have a 2007 Jeep Compass that I bought brand new last year, and is Jeep's crossover model. I absolutely love it. I think we get about 27 mpg highway and about 23 city. I fill up about once every two weeks or so, and that is with driving in the city. It is small enough that you don't feel like you are driving a school bus (and you can fit into those tight spaces), but it is also big enough that we packed everything into it, including ourselves, for a week at the beach. It was also reasonably priced. Happy car hunting!

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answers from Greensboro on

My husband just got the new Toyota Highlander Hybrid, he loves it and it does have optional third row seating, if I'm not mistaken. B/C it's an SUV, the gas mileage isn't as great as a smaller hybrid, but he gets about 29 mpg. His company pays for it, but I think the final sticker price was 39K. I'm glad he likes it, personally, I think it's ugly; but I'm driving a 99 Caravan Sport that I LOVE, even though I know its days are numbered. It has a built in carseat, third row seating, lotsa room and it was the only minivan that I felt wasn't EATING me alive b/c I'm very petite from head to toe and the other vans just seemed too monstrous, ESPECIALLY the Town & Country that I test drove, I could barely get my hands around the steering wheel in that BEAST! good luck!

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answers from Raleigh on

probably a no brainer, but we have a 2008 Honda Odyssey, it's our second Odyssey. You won't beat it when it comes to comfort, practicality and safety... the gas mileage is better than alot this size too. A top choice unless you're just against mini-vans, but this one tops the others in style as well. Good luck!



answers from Raleigh on

Honda Odyssey- definitely- for reliability. The hybrid SUVs don't really save a lot of gas. The trick is to get a vehicle with the least number of cylinders to save gas.

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