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Updated on April 10, 2011
N.O. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi moms,

We currently have the Citi MIni Baby Jogger stroller, which I love for around town. But, it does feel a bit wide and bulky for plane travel, etc. We're considering buying a smaller, more lightweight stroller for our upcoming trip to Spain.

Any recommendations? My son is 19 months old, quite tall. I'd like one that allows him to sit really upright to check things out. Prelim research has me looking at the McLaren Volo...



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answers from Chicago on

we have a First Years Jet Stroller. Its great. its an umbrealla stroller - Has a sun visor, basket undernbeath, plus cup holders, and holds up to 50 lbs which is rare for an umbrella stroller and was only $39.99! they also have a deluxe version which is $10 more, it think the wheels might be more heavy duty but the $40 one works great for us. is light and was very reasonably priced compared to the other super pricey umbrella strollers.....just couldnt fathom paying over $100 for an umbrella stroller. they have the deluxe version on and they ahve great stuff on that site...

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answers from Chicago on

Definitely a Maclaren! I think, at least some models, hold up to 60 lbs. Light, enough storage for a toddler. Great sunshade, steers nicely, folds up small. Sturdy!!! And it's wider than most so your child will have more elbow room.



answers from Chicago on

any maclaren is fantastic for travel. i believe the volo is their most bare-bones model. i think i have the next level up - a triumph, i believe....



answers from San Francisco on

Hi N. - I am in the exact situation as you so I'm glad I saw your post! Have a City Mini too and feel like I could've written your post. Anyway, I'm still looking and wondered if you had any luck in deciding which one to get. The ones that seem to keep popping up in my research are the same as the ones mentioned (Maclaren Volo, Uppababy G-Lite, Chicco C6) but I'm also looking into the Quinny Zapp and the Peg Perego Si. Hope you find one that works and please post what you finally decide =)


answers from New York on

I took a Maclaren Triumph to Walt Disney World for my daughter (then 2 1/2). It worked out great. She was able to sit upright comfortably, and she could be reclined when napping. It's also easy for Mom & Dad to push around. Good luck, and have fun on your trip!


answers from New York on

I have a Joovy which I love, is not that heavy and it has everything I need. Storage, it reclines, is roomy, it has packets for my kid, big cannopy, etc.
But when I need something light I have an Especially for kids umbrella, is very cheap (which is important to me since I already had a good stroller) is super light (more then the very expensive one) it folds very compact, is easy for my daughter to get in and out, is easy to carry around, and it keeps her straigh up. BUT, I only use it for when I need something light (plane or times when I know I am going to to put the stroller in and out or the car a lot) because I do miss all the things my other has. I have it for 2 years and it has hold up grate even if this winter I leave it out side for months!! No mold, and not rust.



answers from Chicago on

The Maclaren's are great strollers. I initially bought the Volo for travel because it was so well reviewed and it seemed to have everything I was looking for (primarily lightweight and high weight limit). I bought it sight unseen, my mistake. When I got it neither my 2 year old nor my 4 year old liked it. The seat is fabric/mesh and has no support and is very slack. When my two year old sat in it she was practically swallowed up by it. When my four year old sat in it she was so far back and her head would hang off of the back of the seat and she could not see anything. We returned it and purchased the Maclaren Triumph (not much heavier than the Volo) and the Techno (heavier). They both have a padded seat and can recline and the girls are quite comfortable in them. Enjoy your trip! I loved Spain when we visited.



answers from Chicago on

You should check out Uppa Baby G-Lite. It does not recline but is the lightest umbrella stroller out there. it would compare to the McLaren Volo. When we were looking we chose the Uppa Baby because it was less expensive, but not by much, and got a better rating by Consumer Reports. They also come in a variety of colors that will make it easy to spot your stroller over the sea of McLarens.



answers from Chicago on

Hi N.,

We also have the City Mini (which we love), but I hear what you're saying about travel. We fairly recently bought a Maclaren (either the Techno or the Triumph). The Volo, as I'm sure you know, is their lightest weight, bare bones model (and most affordable). If your son is tall, though, it may be worth it to buy one that has an adjustable foot rest.

We really like our Maclaren -- handles really well for an umbrella stroller, has some storage, and folds up pretty easily (and takes up less room in the trunk!).

Happy travels,



answers from Chicago on

For me the Volo has been wonderful! Its very light at around 7 pounds. When traveling it makes a huge difference to have a light stroller - going through metal detectors, folding it up before boarding (one handed - so grateful), loading it in the car at my destination along with all the other luggage. Its been scratched up a bit but because its well made its been able to withstand it (2 trips to France, 2 trips to LA, Germany...) I bought it at BRU with their 20% off coupon and it came to around $90. Expensive but a great investment. Its also my stroller for the car when going to the museum, zoo, etc. It fits nicely in the back of my Toyota Matrix.

When deciding I also found the Chicco C6 stroller which was like the Volo in many ways, got great reviews and was cheaper at $60 ($50 after coupon). But I opted for the Volo because I knew I would be using the stroller a lot so I paid the extra money - it really worked out well. Its bare bones, but that's all we really needed. For me it was about being light and functional. My 18 month old can sit somewhat upright. There is a bit of a recline (30-45 degrees?) and its not adjustable. I haven't had a problem with her not seeing all the action or wanting to sit straighter.

I would recommend going to a stroller store and getting a feel for the different strollers. Sometimes when walking my feet would hit the stroller or the handles were too low/high. You can also sit your son in it and see how he likes it (if he is uncomfortable, pitch, etc.) It helped me in making my final decision.



answers from Atlanta on

GET IT! We've had one for 4 years and it's just about the best piece of baby equipment we ever purchased. Easy, lightweight, durable and usable for quite some time. With our second, we went straight from the Baby Bjorn to the Volo -we never used our Graco travel system we used with our first (until we got the Volo -once we got it when our first was turning 1 and we were headed to Colorado, we almost never used the Graco again).

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