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Updated on July 28, 2015
O.L. asks from Long Beach, CA
18 answers

Just wondering for those of you who have been with your spouse for some time, where is the BEST place you've gone on vacation together? I'm not talking about with kids. Just an awesome adult trip. We aren't going to do Hawaii. We need ideas for other options. Thanks!

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answers from Danville on

One busy L. -

I send you (((HUGE hugs)))).

I very much sense that you are grasping at straws, and I am so sorry for that.

I do not know if you are religious or not, but you may want to google They provide programs much like 'marriage encounter', BUT for marriages in more serious difficulty.

I tried to get my ex husband to go at one point. But when he learned there was no was a NO GO!

I know you are scared. I know you are thinking on all of the 'what ifs'.

I wish you great peace with whatever you decide.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It really depends what you like. My DH and I like to go north of San Francisco, stay in a B&B, and go wine tasting in the Russian River valley and Dry Creek valley.

And one of the best parts of this type of trip is that we don't have to save for years to do it. We go every couple years for a long weekend, because it doesn't cost a fortune.

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answers from San Francisco on

The BEST place to go?
A place that helps you both relax and appreciate each other.
We don't know you, so what would that be?
Partying in Vegas? Relaxing at a beach house? Backpacking in a state or national park? Eating, shopping and seeing world class art in Paris? Shows and museums and site seeing in New York City?
I'm sorry, I know you're having a hard time right now, but the person you should REALLY be talking to about this is your husband.
What did you do when you were dating, what brought you together? Do that!

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answers from Sacramento on

We went on an Alaskan cruise for our 10th anniversary. It was amazing! Very few people take kids on the cruises up there since there aren't very many kid activities, so it was nice and quiet. (We obviously don't mind kids, since we have them, but really wanted a break from kids on our vacation together.) Beautiful scenery and great excursions. The Bering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour in Ketchikan was the highlight. They threw out food to attract eagles and our boat was surrounded by them ... absolutely incredible to watch! If you go, pick a cruise that goes through Glacier Bay.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We had a great time in Vegas, but we also enjoy just going for a weekend alone at the beach.

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answers from Dallas on

Depends on what your looking for: NOLA great for a few day get away - exciting, historical and sexy. Resort vk just about anywhere if you want to basically rest and relax. Vegas - uou will not come back rested. I hear Santa Fe is great if your into music and food.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The best trip we ever took was a 12 night Mediterranean cruise. It was truly amazing.

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answers from Missoula on

We went to Puerto Vallarta last year, no kids. It was the best trip we have ever taken.

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answers from Santa Fe on

When we both turned 40 my MIL watched the kids and we went to Tulum, Mexico. It was lovely. We stayed at a little inn on the ocean that served a nice breakfast each day. We could just relax there on our beach, or use the kayaks at the inn and go paddling. We explored the Mayan ruins of the area which were amazing. We snorkeled in the cenotes (fresh water caves that we had heard so much about). And one day we did a tour of a nature reserve nearby. At night we could walk down the beach to a couple restaurants and eat outside on their patio. It was so great to be able to do whatever we wanted each day at whatever time we wanted. It was very relaxing and calm and just nice to have time together with no distractions. It also was very affordable.

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answers from Tyler on

First you need a trip budget. Within that budget price transportation and time spent traveling pros and cons. THEN, look at a map together of all the places you can reach within the determined budget and time spent traveling framework. Shop discount travel sites for all sorts of fun options. We used this tactic to plan our last family trip and ended up on a small exotic island that we had never even heard of before we started planning! It was so great! The adventure can be so much fun and really add to the romance of your trip! Have fun!

To answer your specific question, hubby and I love the Sandals resorts in Jamaica. Sandals Negril was fantastic! Plus, we were upgraded to a swim up room. From your location, Cabo should be a direct flight and I have many friends who rave about the beaches and resorts.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hands down, Excellence Resort in Puerto Morales, Mexico. All inclusive, adults only, beautiful grounds, people waiting on you hand and food, great food, fun shows, tons of things to do on or off resort . . . I could go on and on. There are other adults only all inclusive resorts in Mexico - I have been to almost all of them, but the Excellence is my favorite! *sigh* I wish we were going this year . . .

Good luck.



answers from New York on

I love my husband, but after about 4 hours with him, I need a diversion. If that is the case for either of you, try to find a trip with some built in activity, or 3rd party interaction. i.e. a 6 hour day of crabbing would not be good for me, but 6 hour day of snorkeling, with a boat ride to and from the snorkel location and a lunch would be excellent.

We enjoy a combination of the outdoors and nice amenities. i.e. a day hike, a stopping in the pub and then clean sheets and air conditioning at night. Add a bit of history, or an arcane museum and we are set.

Good luck to you.
F. B.



answers from Kansas City on

I kind of agree that it has to be what you guys like. My husband and I prefer to relax in a tropical type environment on a beach! :) We have done Mexico and different cruises. We love those! I like to do hiking and things in nature, but honestly, when I'm on a vacation without my kids, I want to lay on a beach, drink fruity things and read a book! All inclusives are great. Jamaica has beautiful beaches, the Caymens are gorgeous, we liked St. John a lot too.

We were in Vancouver recently and it was a great city! We had never been there and my husband and I agreed it would be nice to go back and visit without our kids. Seemed like lots of stuff to do and great restaurants, etc.

It seems like wine country might be an option for you as well. Maybe a bed and breakfast somewhere?



answers from New York on

Cruises are great for couples. Especially if you do a Celebrity or another more luxurious line which aren't as kid friendly.


answers from New York on

I'd say our most favorite was a trip to the Oregon Coast. We rode the train, one nights sleep in a sleeper car from where we lived at the time & we were there, getting on the train late at night we were last to board and they gave us the last car, the very end, a bit of an upgrade for sure as it also happened to be the handicap room & it was HUGE & even had its own washroom, very cool! We rented a car & drove to an itty bitty beach house w/tiny kitchenette, fireplace & jacuzzi tub, very very cool! Then we proceeded to the docks to purchase our own fresh crab & supplies to cook them ourselves while enjoying each others company as we watched the wicked weather over the rumbling ocean of the off peak season we picked, THE coolest! You give me love & lightning and I'm yours forever❤️

We are easy tho...we just need the excitement of travel, a great view & food! Ha.


answers from Milwaukee on

3 years ago, we drove from WI to Orlando. 1st day, we deadheaded to Chattanooga, then spent the 2nd day leisurely driving through GA to FL, stopping for an authentic catfish dinner & wine tastings.

We got 3-day passes (park hopper) to Universal Studios, stayed @ a La Quinta w/in walking distance to the park, went out to eat at a different restaurant each night, & LIVED IT UP!!

I am fortunate to have family that works for Disney, so they treated us to a day @ the Animal Kingdom park. We wouldn't have been able to afford Disney along with everything else.

Last year, we took a 3-day weekend in Door County, WI, staying @ a B&B, hiking & wine tasting.

In years prior, we have done extravagant vacations with my husband's family (their treat), multiple cruises to Alaska, Panama, Mediterranean & Baltic sea. To be honest, none of those stands out any more than the 2 U.S. vacations that we paid for ourselves (& as a result, were far less "exciting").

So, find a great place to go (beach, wine country, mountains, city), but focus on BEING there - with each other, being present, & enjoying each other's company. THAT's what will make for a great vacation!! Safe travels... T. :)


answers from Washington DC on

it's hard to pick, really. we went back to my childhood home of bermuda. that was incredible. fortunately he loved it too. but our england/scotland trip was a dream. and yet our trip out west to glacier/yellowstone/the grand tetons last year may have been the best one yet!
i guess it depends largely on what you want. R&R? great scenery? sophisticated pleasures like fine dining and shows? complete privacy? new friends?
can't wait to hear what you decide!
:) khairete



answers from New York on

Anywhere in the good ole USA. We live I such a beautiful country but people seem to flick to Mexico. Don't understand that. We have National parks, the Rocky Mountains, Smokey Mountain region (which is my recommendation) the New England area. So much to see. Passports not needed.

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