Best Time to Buy Paint?

Updated on January 03, 2009
K.G. asks from Kannapolis, NC
8 answers

When is the best time to get the best deal on interior paint?

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answers from Nashville on

My parents just got finished re-decorating their home. They got their paint for about 5 dollar a gallon by going to the "Opps" section (paints that were mixed wrong) at Lowes, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart until they found colors close enough to tweak to what they wanted. These paints were normally 60 something bucks a gallon so worth either a little extra work (to tweak) or compromise (maybe not exactly the shade you originally wanted)

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answers from Lexington on

The lowest prices on Valspar at Lowe's, which is what Consumer reports recommends, comes during their Labor Day sale - this year half price.

However, the best paint to use if you respiratory problems is organic as there are no carcinogens or plastics like there are with traditional paints.

Good luck!



answers from Asheville on

Anytime they have some they've mixed and didn't sell. We check at Lowe's and Home Depot all the time and find paint regularly marked down because someone didn't like it or returned it for some reason. Just make sure you get enough for your job or something you can mix with white to lighten and extend it. ;-)



answers from Charlotte on

Check your Lowe's and Home Depot Sales Fliers every Sunday. Interior paint is always on sale somewhere. Happy painting!!



answers from Raleigh on


I would recommend to check the weekly sale papers for Home Depot, Lowes, other paint stores for specials. There is always some sort of rebate special that Home Depot/Lowes is running (i.e. $5 off a gallon of Behr.) Oh, and each paint store always has a section of discounted paint (i.e. wrong color match, customer return.) that has paint for $5 +/-.

You can always check out the stores online too.

Good luck. I have painted every wall in my home. IMO, don't cheap out on paint, but a quality product!



answers from Raleigh on

We just finished painting my little girl's room yesterday, and we only needed 1 gallon, not 2. Therefore, we have 1 left. If you are interested in a pinkisk-purple kinda color I'll sell you the leftover gallon for half what we paid. It will fininsh a good sized room and give you 2 coats. It's the no-smell, safe for everyone kind in an eg-shell finish. It cost over $40, so you can have it for $20. Anyway, if you're not interested in that color, Wal-mart has pretty good prices on paint.



answers from Jacksonville on

First, decide what brand of paint you want to buy, then start watching for sales. Sears, home depot, lowes, walmart, kroger, kmart, do it best, ace hardware, etc. all have their own brands of paint, as well as name brands. Walmart doesn't have sales, so their paint will always be the same price (the dutch boy paint they carry is good). Most other stores have sales regularly. If you subscribe to the newspaper, watch the ads as they come. Or like the previous poster said, sign up at sherwin williams' website to get email notices of their sales. All stores (except walmart) have sales all the time, so just watch them until the price is comfortable. Sometimes you have to send in a rebate. If you don't have one, a subscription to consumer reports is a good idea. They test everything, including paint, and give objective ratings. You can get an online subscription for less than $20, and look up anything. Good luck!



answers from Memphis on

Sherwin williams paint is a high quality paint that will last for a long time and is very scrubbable. If you sign up as a preferred customer on their website you get discounts. If you are planning to paint and not have to do it again for a long time I highly recommend their paint. It is more expensive but is a thicker consistency and drips much less than a thinner paint.

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