Best Thermometer (Preferably Temporal)?

Updated on October 01, 2012
N.G. asks from Arlington, TX
7 answers

Tired of crappy thermometers! Do you have one you love?

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answers from San Diego on

We bought one of the forehead scanner type at Costco and it's great. We find it to be accurate. The birth center I had my third at was using the same type as well.

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree with Katrina. We bought ours at Costco too and it's the same one they use in the Children's Hospital clinic near us. I think it was like $30.

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answers from Tulsa on

I also have an Exergen and it is great. When my son was a baby, I had to chart his rectal temps for a period of time and I would also take his temp with the Exergen right after. It was never off by more than .1 degrees from the rectal temp.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

When our Exergen was new I tested it against an oral digital. They measured the same. This past week my daughter obviously had a fever and it was telling me her temperature was 97.6. I pulled out the oral digital thermometer and it was 102.7 so I am assuming its useful life is done. (I believe that was less than 5 years.)

While picking up more Tylenol I bought a faster read oral thermometer. It did the same thing (inaccurate reading) so all I can say is buyer beware and apparently they have a shelf life :-(

PS. While at the doctors they used an ear thermometer. I questioned its accuracy so they got an oral digital thermometer and of course it was much higher again. I'm beginning to think you can't win with thermometers...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I also have an Exergen. It seems reliable - much more than our Braun ear thermometer. That thing gave readings all over the place.



answers from Dallas on

Exergen is OK, can be flakey, like one poster said an average reading tends to give the best result. And you can't use it on a sweaty/clammy forehead so you might want to have a regular digital just to have a back up. Look for a digital that has a quick read



answers from Bloomington on

Exergen! We've been using ours all day today. :(

We've had it for nearly 3 years. I do take 3 readings at a time and average it. If you don't use it just right, the reading will be off.....but, I still swear by it.

How nice it is to quickly swipe their head while they lie there all sickly??

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