Best Stroller for Twins

Updated on September 29, 2007
D.T. asks from Oviedo, FL
5 answers

I'm expecting twins and does anyone recommend a stroller that is best, and I have 21 month old. I thought about getting a triple stroller, but they are so long and I heard the middle seat is tight. I don't know if I should get a double stroller long or wide and they also have one that is double, with a seat for my 21 month old to sit or stand on. I'm just worried if I get a double, my 21 month old may get tired when we are out and there will no place for his to sit. Any recommendations?

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answers from Melbourne on

wow, how this sounds familiar! i had a 23 month old boy when i gave birth to my twins! you are very blessed, so good luck! if you EVER need any advice, or anything... please feel free to email me. my twins are 6 months old. as for the stroller, i opted out of the triple stroller because : 1. SOOOOOOOOOOO expensive, 2. SOOOOOOOOO heavy and 3. SOOOOOOOOO inpractical. also, my 2 year old is so mobile. and in all honesty, it will be quite a while before i will go out with all three kids by myself, so we have my 2 year old's stroller and a double stroller. we opted for the "frame", double, that holds the car seats. it is fantastic! not great looking but so easy and so much lighter. it is not like the travel systems that were like 400 dollars, this one was 89 i think and we just unfold it and plop in the car seats. look on line toys r us, by baby trend, called "snap and go". we will be buying the lightweight double stroller soon, macclaren is what we have for the single and we love it, so might try the double too if it is lighweight enough. hope this helps. congrats and good luck!

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answers from Orlando on

check out the joovy double sit and stand we just got a single but haven't used it yet - just do a google search for joovy they have a website




answers from Orlando on

Hi D.,

My twin boys will be turning 5 already, but when they were born my oldest was 3. A little older than your son, but I have to say I had the same stroller as the other Mom the Graco DuoRider. The part I loved the most was the huge basket that was under the stroller which was a huge help with the double baby bag! It was also easy to maneuver and is the width of a wheelchair so it fits through the doorway without a problem. I loved it and used it until the twins were about 3.

I used a "heart to heart" sling which I could not live without and would also usually carry one of the twins and put my older son in the stroller when he got tired -which was most of the time ;> The sling is also a life saver when there are two babies looking to be picked up. I would put one in the sling and have the other in my arms. Their website is

Be strong, the first 6 months are the hardest, well I haven't experienced teen years yet... but one can only hope!

If you ever want to chat, send me an e-mail
[email protected]

Enjoy your blessings!



answers from Orlando on

I had twins when my son was almost 3. We received a double stroller and it has been great. Our stroller is long not side by side. I think it is somewhat easier to manuever through doors and in stores or wherever. We never got one but I liked the idea of the attachable seat for my oldest. When the twns were babies (they are 3 now) we did not go very many places without their daddy so we always had am umbrella stroller for the oldest (now 6). Hope this helps.



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I have 3 month old twins and an almost 3 year old- I had the same questions and concerns while I was pregnant!! We ended up with the Graco Duoglider. It folds fairly compact and isn't too heavy (for a double stroller)- plus it's very affordable (only about $150). I also love that it accepts our super-safe Graco Snugride car seats. I usually keep a Baby Bjorn in the cargo net underneath and will carry one twin in that, snap one in his carseat into the stroller and let my oldest ride along in the stroller. It works pretty well. This works also if you're out for a longer time and can take both twins out of their seats- then you have the option to switch kids around as needed. Not always very convenient, but the stroller is super easy to maneuver one-handed and fits through any doorway (most side-by-sides can't fit through tight spaces). I think One Step ahead sells a "tandem" add-on for toddlers that can be added on. But one that already had it would be great too! Best of luck to you and your double blessings- it's an adventure!!

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