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Updated on July 01, 2008
K.H. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm going to be traveling (via airplane) with a 6 month-old. Any recommendations for a lightweight stroller? I'd like something with a sun shade because I don't want my little sweetie to get burned.

Also, any advice for traveling with a little one? This is our first plane trip so we're not sure what to expect and how best to prepare. Adding to the complications, he's teething!


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answers from Chicago on

We've traveled with both the travel system (when kids were in infant seats) and the Maclaren Triumph and, recently, our Kolcraft double umbrella. All equally easy to get through security, drop at the gate, etc. Traveling alone I did find the Maclaren to be great b/c it's lightweight so I could get it on the belt to go through the xray machine while still wrangling my then 17-month old. We traveled with both my girls when they were 7 months old and the easiest way I found to deal with them was wear them (in a Mei Tai or Bjorn or what have you) and put the stuff in the stroller.

One thing we did learn on our latest flight is if you don't purchase a ticket for a lap child, still gate check the carseat (as opposed to dropping it at the desk by the gate if they encourage you to do that) because they pretty much always say the flight is full at the desk. Both ways on our latest flight it in fact was not full (contrary to what we were told at check-in and at the gate) and the flight attendants grabbed our carseat for us and helped us rearrange with other passengers to get our infant in an available seat. We were VERY happy to have done this on our flight home as we flew through a terrible storm and actually missed our landing and had to take off again into a terrible storm and then make an emergency landing at another airport. Couldn't imagine having held my 11 month old through that!

We did find flying at 7 months really easy with both our girls. They both just slept the entire flights both ways.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have travelled alot with my kids as babies! It depends if your son can sit up or not. I personally found that travelling with the MacLaren Volo was SUPER easy with my son. However, if you are taking your son's carseat (highly recommended if possible) on the plane, then I would recommend taking the stroller that his carseat can latch into. When my babies were young I would just stroll right up the plane, place the stroller to the side as we boarded the plane, strapped the carseat into the planeseat, then stepped off the plane and the stroller was waiting right there when you get off the plane! The reason I recommend a seat really depends on how long the ride is. We travel to the UK and back, for those trips it is a must-have to be able to have a space the set the baby down while you go to the bathroom, need to get things out of a carry-on, or for the baby's nap. If you trip is 3 hours or less than it is much more feasible to hold the baby the whole time! My nightmare plane ride was with my 6 wk old (who was a preemie still on the feeding tube) and my 5 yr old, without another adult or carseat. This meant I had NO place to set the baby to help my older child go potty or anything and quickly became an unforgetable trip!! If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask! The lighter, the better for travel gear!!



answers from Chicago on

I just got back from traveling with my 3 children by myself. I have twin 5 year olds and a 22 month old. I bought a peg perego pliko lite and I have to say it was the most amazing stroller and I have tried a few. I was able to unfold it and fold it up with one hand while holding my 22 month old and keeping my 5 year olds from being to adventurous. Plus it has a HUGE basket underneath that held more than I thought it would. I bought mine off of The sun shade was actually huge which surprised me for a umbrella stroller. When my youngest was 6 months old I flew with her and she pretty much slept the whole plane ride (4 1/2 hrs) but I did bring a book and a couple toys for her to play with.



answers from Chicago on

Just wanted to add, as far as the teething goes, I just recently discovered "Teething Tablets" for my baby. They are all natural, sold at Walgreens, and calm my baby when she is screaming. They just dissolve in their mouth. Good luck!



answers from Bloomington on

I can't stress this enough....It is highly recommended to purchase a ticket for your baby...that way you have a guaranteed seat to put him and his carseat in...he'll be SAFE and comfortable...which will make you much can call the airline and they'll sell you his ticket for half price (it's very easy to install the infant carrier or convertible seat on the airplane)....the best money ever spent (I just feel this is the cost of travel and so often see parents holding kids on flights and almost never does it go well..yes I know it's not required but it's a ridiculous rule that requires coffee pots to be secured but not babies....many message boards/internet sites like ivillage have great articles about why this is important...what is your main strolle?...I usually travelled with my regular stroller a combi which has a great sunshade..and my infant seat can bring your stroller right up to the door of the airplane and "gate check" it...they give you a tag at the gate counter...they take it down and it is there at the airplane door upon arrival...can't get anymore convenient..I've flown plenty by myself and never had a stroller damaged, not to say it doesn't happen, but I've mostly heard about positive gate checking experiences.

Bring lots of small new toys, you can buy water beyond security to make formula if needed...whatever you need to keep him toys are always good-a pack of post it's works great too!! Baby food in jars is allowed...make sure your diaper cream is in a small tube in your carry on or put it in your suitcase..I've seen a bunch of large tubes of Desitin left at the "drop box" by security because they are over 3oz.ALways a good idea to carry a copy of your child's birth certificate...just in case...not always required but it's good to have just in case...also bring your pediatrician phone number...I've had to call the nurse for advice more than once while on vacation.

Have a great flight!


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