Best Stroller for Disney?

Updated on November 21, 2011
A.C. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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When we travel in May my children will be ages 2 and 5. I currently own a sit and stand stroller, and the front seat doesn't really recline much for napping. I also have a huge single child stroller that would be great, but only one will be able to ride- and it will be a pain on the transit systems in Disney between the resorts and parks. Which should I take? OR I could purchase a double jogging stroller used, that I could resell once it's not needed... OR I could purchase a couple of the nicer umbrella strollers that will hold up to 50 lb kids, but that means spending about $70 altogether... None of my friends have strollers that would really meet my needs that we could borrow. What do you guys who have traveled with kids to Disney World suggest is best for my kids and my tight budget?

Just as a side note- My 4 year old does not nap, but goes to bed earlier than what we will be in Disney. My youngest even at 15 months wouldn't nap at Sea World, but did crash for 30 minutes on my shoulder. I am thinking being at Disney will be too exciting for much napping for them, but they will both probably want short siestas at some point. My youngest currently naps from 2-3:30 on normal days, who knows by May.

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answers from Houston on

We just got back from there and we have a 5 & 6 yr old. I brought a $15 umbrella stroller and quickly realized I needed another one. The hotel had about 20 "donated" umbrella strollers and let us use one. Ask at bell services. It was easy to get on and off the sometimes crowded buses and we donated them back at the end of the trip. The kid's backpacks fit just right on the handles. Have fun!!

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answers from Seattle on

I'm particularly fond of THEIRS and a backpack, coupled with staying in a hotel.

Meaning taking frequent breaks. Popping on the monorail, and heading back to the room every other hour or two for a swim or a snack and a video (we usually alternate... ending up with 3 snacks and 3 swims. You can get in 2-4 rides every hour and 15 minutes (fast pass)... and by then... little legs need a break AS DO little brains which tend to get very overwhelmed. Taking frequent breaks keeps the kids AND adults fresh and refreshed all day and half the night long.

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answers from Beaumont on

I would say the lighter the much manuvering to do...
Also, I'm assuming they're going back to the hotel for a break during the day for a nap/food etc. If that's the case, you really won't need them to recline.

Just a suggestion, take a couple of those breaks, one at naptime and one about 4 to rest before dinner and evening activities. You do NOT want them melting down at Disney. We did this and it kept us all sane.

Have fun!



answers from Detroit on

How about the big stroller for the 2 year old and an umbrella stroller for the 5 year old? Because even 5 year old kids get tired of walking around Disney and can use a break. We went in Feb with our then 3.5 year old and we had the big single-child stroller for her, and it was totally worth it. DH just wanted an umbrella stroller but it was nice having the basket underneath for carrying stuff (I had a back pack too but usually it had to come off for rides and then it just went under the stroller). Actually, we totally lucked out, in that we were staying off-property and happened to find a thrift store that had a stroller for sale for $10. We snapped it up, used it for the 10 days we were there, and then donated it back when we were leaving! Best $10 we ever spent!

As for the other part of your question, you will definitely want to do a mid-day break. Get to the park right when it opens - be there for the rope drop. It usually isn't that crowded yet and you can hit the most popular rides first without much waiting in line. It starts getting a lot more crowded around 11 am or so and the lines get much longer. Around lunch is a good time to take a break, head back to the hotel, swim in the pool, take a nap, whatever. Then everyone will be much more refreshed to head back to the park for more rides, evening shows, etc.

And use Fast Pass wherever you can. And pick up the Unofficial Guide to Disney World - they come out with a new edition every year and it's proven invaluable every time we've gone! Good luck and have fun!


answers from Lakeland on

I visit Disney often and I would say go with a double stroller. My daughter stopped napping at around 2.5, but would get so pooped out being at Disney. You also have to consider how large the parks are, it is a lot of walking for a little one to do. I see big kids in strollers too (sleeping), including my own.
I have a BOB stroller and I love it (my daughter is 5 and we still use it. Or you can always rent one at the park, but it gets expensive. When my daughter was younger (and smaller) I had a Jeep umbrella stroller, I loved it. It was able to recline, had a sun shade, cup holder and side bags for snacks. I added a cup holder and a mesh bag on the back. It folded up easily and was light weight.


answers from Houston on

We went last year with a 5yr old and used a folding umbrella stoller for her. Consider this, the smaller the better because it will be 'in the way' everywhere you go. Don't get me wrong, we couldln't have lived without it, but it is one more thing to keep up with. Have Fun!



answers from Dallas on

dont lug it with you on the plane. Call Disney travel and speak to someone about renting one for your duration. You can rent really nice ones that can be delivered to your room when you arrive.



answers from Dallas on

I don't know if they still do this but when we went 5 years ago strollers were free if you had a Disney credit card. We also got discounts at certain gift shops with our card. Worth applying for even if you don't need another card.



answers from Dallas on

Last time I was at Disney was in 2009. I had a typical tandem Graco stroller, both seats reclined. However, my 6yo son got heat exhaustion from all the walking so we ended up renting a stroller from Disney and I have to say, I wish I could have taken the Disney stroller home with me! They upgraded to jogging strollers that turn on a dime! I was able to push the tandem and the Disney stroller both at the same time, all by myself, with complete ease! We are planning on going back this next year and I've already decided I'm renting Disney strollers vs. messing with my own. Also, the Disney strollers did have enough natural recline in them that my 2yo slept great when my son wanted to walk and she wanted to try out the "new" stroller. Have fun on your trip!



answers from Dallas on

I just contiplated this same question for our visit and this was my conclusion:
Don't use a double stroller just in case you ever need to break away and each adult has each child. Kids get tired but mine don't nap in stollers-- I found an amazing and cheap "umbrella stroller" from walmart that min reclined just the perfect amount. Also make sure to check out craigslist and your local consignment stores!

We have a $600 Bugaboo and I'm so glad that I spent $25 on this one instead. Between traveling in the airport, onto the plane, around the WDW resort, transportation... it was just perfect! So perfect that I saw this stroller at the park numerous times- FYI mark your stroller so that you know it is yours. I am not sure if you know this but no strollers are allowed in line. At each "area" there is a stroller corral (with an attendant at some).

Good luck! We are leaving in exactly one week! :) Or since you are not going until May we could meet up and you can have/ borrow mine!




answers from Atlanta on

I would either buy or rent a baby jogger city mini. It is a fantastic disney stroller.



answers from Chicago on

We brought our double jogging stroller for our twins and it was alot to get one the bus. My husband had to be the last one on so I had get the kids on with the rest of the stuff and hope my husband was actually on the bus:) It was ok when we got to the parks . I too would suggest you bring what you have and get an umbrella stroller. They will both be exhausted at some point. Have a magical trip !

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