Best Snow Gloves?

Updated on November 20, 2014
J.S. asks from Kalamazoo, MI
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Looking for recommendations on favorite snow gloves/mittens for kids? My girls are 6 and 4. Right now they're wearing Lands End ones I bought last year and I'm finding they seem pretty wet after playing outside for 1/2 an hour or an hour. Are there snow gloves/mittens (for youngsters like my kids' ages) that stay dry?

My friend recommended just stocking up on a bunch at Costco or wherever, so the kids can easily change during the day, etc. I always have 2 pairs for kids, so there is a dry pair for the 2nd outing of the day, the next day, etc.

I might try to hit Kohl's or Target tomorrow...

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I'm going to try the LLBean Cold Buster Ones ad check out the LBow ones referenced below as well, for playing in snow at home. I'm also going to get a couple pairs of cheaper snow gloves, for school recess. I did stock up at dollar store on little fleece ones...but those are only good for Oct...not snow play as we are now into! Great thoughts from everyone!

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Costco has thermal fleece Head mittens for that age group right now. They also have some that are made for playing in snow made by Head that have a wind barrier of some kind and are fleecy inside.

These are the ones ....


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Your Lands End one's don't sound like they are waterproof.

You need gloves that are WATERPROOF...

We have a pair of kids are outside for hours...and they are great!!

I have adult size...they are great..

We've had these...

Waterproof...make sure they are big enough but not too big. Make sure there is a "sleeve" that catches the snow with an elastic band BEFORE it gets INSIDE the glove.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Gore- Tex. We were a skiing family growing up and before they invented Gore-Tex , I remember my fingers throbbing on the slopes. The main thing is water proof/ breathable fabric. You will not find that at typical clothing stores. If you want dry fingers, get yourself to a pro ski shop or an R.E.I. or LLBean, and pay extra for Gortex fabric gloves. This is just a trademarked textile used by many makers of gloves. So don't worry about brand of glove as much as the brand of textile.

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answers from Columbia on

Another vote for real ski gloves. They're the only ones that stay dry for a long period of time.

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answers from Grand Forks on

For everyday use I stock up on fleece mitts at the dollar store so we have lots for when they get wet or lost. Buy several pairs exactly the same.

For serious outdoor play we have what we call "garbage mitts". They are fleece lined leather mitts. We don't use those for everyday because they are pretty expensive and we wouldn't want to lose them. We save them for when we are going to be outdoors for hours.

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answers from Boston on

I have 5 kids and live in NH. I have a degree in kids' outerwear :-)

For your 6 year old: LLBean kid's cold buster waterproof gloves are amazing. Waterproof, fit well, last forever (or until your child loses one).

For your 4 year old: check out Lbow mittens. They are mittens with a sleeve that goes over the child's coat sleeve. This solves the problem of mittens slipping off when playing in the snow. It also keeps snow out of the wrist area - where the jacket ends and traditional mittens begin.

An added bonus: with LBow mittens you will never hear "Mom, fix my mitten!" "Mom, my mitten came off again!" requiring you to remove your gloves to fix a mitten situation!

Here's the website:

T. Y
SAHM of 5
(14, 12, 6, 5 & 2)

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answers from Lakeland on

If you want gloves to play in the snow check out a ski shop. You will find some to keep their little hands warm and dry. The cost would probably be the same as buying several cheap pairs.

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answers from Norfolk on

Yeah, just get a bunch of mittens - grab half a dozen pairs.
At the end of a day put all wet mittens in a lingerie bag and pop them in the dryer to dry them off - it helps keep them together.

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answers from New York on

Do you knit or know a knitter? I make my grandkids wool mittens. Wool keeps their hands warm even when it gets wet.

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