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Updated on April 05, 2011
R.G. asks from San Clemente, CA
9 answers

I'm tryn to find the nearst to the real nipple there is for my baby. She is not a huge fan of the bottle but sometimes I need to take a shower without havn to wait for her to fall asleep! I have quite a few 4 oz bottles I rcvd from the hospital. So the nipple must fit on these bottles. Anyone have any suggestions?

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answers from Dubuque on

Breastflow by The First Years. You will likely not find anything that fits on the 4 oz bottles the hospital gave you. You can find Breastflow online at or

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answers from Norfolk on

My little girl won't take any bottle except for the Adiri Natural Nurser (and only if i physically leave the house and drive far far away so she can't smell me ha!). It looks and feels like a boob

How old is your baby? I always just put my babies in a bouncy seat or on the floor with some music and a few toys while I showered. I now have a 6 month old and a 2 year old and they just hang out in the bathroom with me while i'm showering--don't have to wait for them to be sleeping.

Congratulations on your baby, by the way!


answers from Dallas on

I used breastflow bottles when my son was a newborn. They are made to resemble the mothers breast.



answers from Chicago on

Yeah, prob won't find any good nipples to fit hospital bottles.

Playtex Natural Latch latex nipples (the rubber kind, not the clear sillicone) with the Playtex nursers and drop in liners.



answers from Honolulu on

The "MAM" brand bottles/nipples.
Amazon has it.
It is not in stores, commonly
My breastfed Son, LOVED this bottle. I did too.
It is commonly used in Europe.
It is BPA free, too.
Comes in 3 packs and cute colors.
Reasonably priced.


answers from Provo on

BAH! 4 oz bottle! those are a one time use bottle and you will never find something that matches and is breast friendly!
I would suggest looking at your nipples and finding one that looks most like them. That's what I did with my son. I ended up using the Playtex AirVent Wide.



answers from Honolulu on

Have to agree as're probably not gonna find a nipple to fit on the hospital bottles.

Don't invest a lot in new bottles: Buy several different ones with different nipples and try them on your baby to see which one she'll take. My oldest took the playtex drop in bottle with the wide nipple...but this baby refuses it and hates it! She's tried the breastflow bottle as well as the mam bottle, and the avent. She hated them all....

She actually likes the Gerber brand, Nuk the best. So my suggestion would be to pick up a few and determine which one she takes.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My daughter was difficult to say the least, and after several attempts we found NUK. She loves them and her Daycare has had great success with them. Although, you may need to get the bottle as well. I'm not sure you'll find one that fits the 4oz you have. Plus, part of the breast resemblence is the wide mouth.... Good luck.



answers from New York on

I liked the BornFree bottles and the Dr. Brown's. Dr Brown's will fit standard size bottles. These may not be the closest to the breast but are very good bottles that don't leak and hold up well. My kids got mainly formula or pumped milk due to medical issues so they were not used to breastfeeding. My babies didn't like the Breastflow bottles, possibly because it is more like nursing.

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