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Updated on September 05, 2013
K.F. asks from Hillsboro, OR
6 answers

I am looking for a single jogging stroller to run/walk with my 2 year old. I need it to be useable with a smaller baby too (after 6mo) in case we have another. Do you have one you love or hate? I'm planning to try to find one on Craigslist and although I'm sure the Bob strollers are fantastic, I don't think I can pay that much for a stroller.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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answers from Harrisburg on

Walmart carries "baby trend" jogging strollers. They have more model options on The singles are a little over $100 I believe. We have the double and love it. The front wheels can swivel or lock, it has big baskets under each seat, cup holders for parents and child, big movable sun shades, and reclinable seats. Sure it's big n clunky but most all joggers are. You can read customer reviews on the Walmart site too.



answers from Milwaukee on

I absolutely LOVE my BOB! I don't know how I raised my first child without one! I know they are expensive but worth every penny. If we lived closer, I would gladly sell you my single as I just purchased the duallie. Watch Craigslist, they are occasionally available.



answers from Columbus on

The best thing I would say is to take your two year old with you to a store or two and try out all the options with her in them pushing them around the store to see what is good for both of you.

Keep an eye for Bobs at consignment stores and sales and also on Craiglist if you are looking there. I have seen them a few times here and some doubles even. I do have one and love it! I'm sure others will have another recommendation.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

We have a City Mini GT. Love it! It would easily fit an infant older than 6mo. When you do get a jogging stroller make sure it has real rubber tires (not plastic) and be sure to fold it to see what it looks like collapsed. The Bob's I have seen are HUGE! Even when folded they were just way too big for us. Plus my older daughter wouldn't have fit in them very long because of the short torso shell. She's almost 5yo and fits in the City Mini easily. I only push her around when her little brother gets out to walk.



answers from Chicago on

I have a baby trend jogging stoller we have had it for 5 years and still going strong. Graanted I do not jog with it, but we use it all the time because it handles the terrain very well all over the place. It is very easy to push with one hand, I belevie it has a set up for a hand brake? (but we dont use it so we did not install it).

You can also check out garage sales, I have seen some of the more expensive joggers for sale.

I would recomend getting the baby trend new if you are going that route, just because after 5 years with ours, I am not sure I would purchase a new one and while my hubby and I have several strollers in our possesion that is one that we will likely drive to the ground, before selling. we just love it so much.



answers from Roanoke on

We LOVE our Baby Jogger Citi Mini. It was a bit expensive, but worth every penny. And the best part is that it folds up really easily, so I can toss it in the trunk one-handed if need be. :)

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