Best "Sell Stuff Somebody Else Might Like" Online Resources?

Updated on September 23, 2017
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
11 answers

Craigslist? Ebay? Local sites? Any idea which sites are best to sell things I just don't want/need/use but are still nice? I'd rather the curios I was gifted with 10 years ago that I don't love would go to someone who would love them - I'd like to get a little cash for them ;)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

There isn't really any safe way to sell items on places where you're going to meet complete strangers. I'd let my friends know I have items for sale and then I'd have a garage sale. Maybe you could find an antique mall place that takes consignment?

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answers from Chicago on

Despite the warnings, I have used craigslist several times with good results. You just have to be super careful, with someone, and in public. Many cities now let you do transactions at the police station. I used to sell things here and there on ebay, but would not recommend it any longer. They have anti-seller policies and the fees are huge. Their seller metrics are very strict and often will hold first-time seller's profits hostage. Buyers can be dishonest and sellers have little recourse no matter what proof they offer. I know facebook has active, local groups for people to buy and sell. Of course, there's also garage sales and church sales that allow the congregation to sort of consign items to sell. We have a few antique shops that will buy in-demand items, but you will get very little for them.

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answers from Dallas on

My neighborhood HOA has a Facebook page where you can list items for sale.
There are also neighborhood online/garage sales that are based on your zip code for selling items.
Also there is Nextdoor which is a neighborhood site where people sell things.

I have sold a few things on the FB online group and the 5 Miles app.

Depending on the quality of the curio, you could put it in a consignment shop.

Good luck.

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answers from Boston on

With Ebay, you have to deal with fees and shipping. And it's a crowded site, and some things sit there for a very long time.

Craigslist is more local, and you can/should exchange items in a public place, like right in front of the police station. Be very careful having strangers come into your home, and never let 2 people in especially if they ask for something else (like to use the bathroom or anything that splits them up - you can only watch one person at a time, and their are unscrupulous people who come to see a $20 item and then find their way into your jewelry box). That said, I've sold plenty of stuff that way, and I have let people in to see furniture, but I always have 1-2 other people here.

If you just want "free to a good home" then use Freecycle. There's no money exchanged but I've gotten some good things and have gotten rid of others. Again, it's local pick-up and you don't even have to be home since you aren't charging money. I've left and picked up stuff in people's driveways with no interaction.

You might also search very local groups that have titles like "Virtual yard sale" and "Trade and Save" and so on. We have 4-5 local groups like that - and friends of mine have gotten great deals, like a baker's rack for $15 and a hutch for $25. It will take some digging but if you have the time and don't need to get rid of stuff immediately, it might be worth it.

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answers from Washington DC on

There is a Marketplace on Facebook....

If they are valuable? Ebay - just make sure you take REALLY good pictures, pack it REALLY well and be VERY specific in your description - ensure spelling is correct and you will get the most bids - however - you need to check to see if the market is inundated with them. If it is? You won't get top dollar. You can check how many have sold and for how much in the "advanced" listing setting.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've used Letgo and OfferUp. They're apps. Very easy to use. I've sold things that I would consider junk and have made almost $500 since I began using it about six months ago. I just make sure I meet in a very public place.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The new Facebook marketplace is pretty popular where I live.



answers from Wausau on

I am primarily an eBay seller for almost as long as eBay has existed. A big advantage is the option to reach a global customer pool. Anyone can do it but it does require ongoing self-education, meticulous attention to detail, and can be time consuming. If you're going to sell many things, or frequently, it is best to have the setup and supplies needed to ship. Scale, packing materials, printer, labels, etc.

For items of low value where the outcome is not profitable, or bulky items that are not worth the shipping cost, I like local FB groups best. One nice advantage is that people are not anonymous. They tend to become a community-in-a-community.

I have used Craigslist for items like bicycles and large yard toys/playhouses. You can reach an extended regional audience that way, but you often don't know who you're dealing with. Our local police station has a marked area with security cameras for meet-up transactions.



answers from Dallas on

You should be able to find a Facebook page for online garage sales. I see you are in Fort Worth so you could also put it on ones for Arlington / and HEB areas those are close enough some people would be willing to drive to meet you to pick up. I know my sister in law has done a lot of craigslist buying. Not sure about selling.


answers from Boston on

It depends. Craigslist works for me. Secondly, yard sales. If I just really want to offload-- drop off at a thrift store.


answers from Norfolk on

Probably Craigslist or Amazon or a yardsale or consignment shop.
Personally I don't have the patience to sell things.
I'd rather just donate it to get rid of it and write it off my taxes.
My mom is slowly sending me her entire household one box at a time.
She doesn't want to throw anything away - so she sends it to me to figure out what to do with it - and it accumulates - and after awhile I feel buried in stuff.
Some of it is good and worth keeping but other things just need to go - one way or another.
(My Mom's ok with this - she'd rather that we write it off our taxes.
I just wish she wouldn't waste so much in shipping.)
My husband has had good luck in selling some dvds (series sets) on Amazon.
He researched to see if they had a good enough resale value to make it worth while - some did while others didn't.

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