Best Sanitary Pads for 12 Year Old

Updated on June 30, 2015
S.S. asks from Golconda, IL
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My granddaughter is staying with me for the summer. She has had her period a couple times before she got here but it was really only a little smear. So this week she got it in a monsoon. the little liners she has been using do not work. She has ruined 3 pair of shorts and a whole package of underwear. So before we head to the store today does anyone have any recommendations? She is a very slim girl so I know she will hate big huge bulky pads. there must be something that will work without feeling like a mattress between her legs.

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So What Happened?

Thanks all. We got the ones laura recommended. I appreciate the help. :)

I am adding to say I agree one hundred percent with Gamma. I am not the mom and am absolutely not going to introduce tampons. That is something her mom can do when she goes home. I know a lot of people are for them. I use them now. But at 12 they would have horrified me. Not something I feel comfortable discussing with her. So Again thanks for all the responses. We went with the U ones and she likes them. And bonus no more leaking.

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answers from Washington DC on

the always with wings work well. girls today have so many choices! when i started mine, it was a huge bulky pad with an uncomfortable little belt. gah!
no wonder i fled with relief to tampons.
please ignore the predictable hysteria about TSS. it's not only very rare, but there's no evidence that one can get it from tampons more than anywhere else. tampons are safe.

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answers from San Francisco on

A big pad is embarrassing for a young girl, teach her how to use a tampon.
My youngest was nervous at first but she quickly got over it, especially since she started during the summer and didn't want to miss out going to the pool!

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answers from Norfolk on

The 'best pad' is a tampon or a Diva cup.

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answers from Austin on

Our daughter had her first period at this age. She started off with pads, but the second day she said, "Ok tell me about tampons"

So I got a box of assorted sizes for her.I had her practice pushing the tampon with one hand so she would know how much pressure would be needed.

I stood outside of the bathroom door and explained that there are 3 openings down there. To find the area that pee comes out and then find the next hole. I then told her to insert, etc.. I explained she would not feel anything once it was safely inside and not to worry, it would not get lost!

She did great. I then made sure she was comfortable and we stayed close to home, until she felt like she needed to change it out..

She never looked back. Interesting, when she went to college, she said she had to teach a lot of the young women how to use a tampon, because either they or their moms were too embarrassed to talk about them. For some, their mothers believed you would loose your virginity if you used a tampon.. These are extremely intelligent young women, but because their mothers insisted, they never tried them on their own.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The best sanitary pad for a 12 year old is a tampon.

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answers from Dallas on

Please allow her a choice. A tampon is not that bad. The only time my now 20 yr old uses a pad is at night.

She's been that way since day 1. No sense in changing a regular routine because you have to wear a pad.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't know if you went with Laura A or Laura M.

I'm just going to toss this out there. Not saying it to be mean, I'm a grandmother raising grandchildren that "I" have to worry about.

My granddaughter is MY responsibility. "I'm" the one she is to have conversations about when it comes to pads vs tampons. Not anyone else that she may or may not be visiting over summer, even her mother.

I'm the one that has to make sure she'd remember to remove the tampon and replace it so she doesn't die from TSS. I'm the one who'd have to pick them up from the floor if she was in a hurry and missed the toilet, I'm the one that would have to pay a plumber to remove them from the sewer.

So before you decide to or not to let this girl try tampons you need to have a visit with her mother who has the right to say no way, not going to happen, or you better not even mention that to her. Or to say that's okay with me, go ahead and see if she wants to try them.

Please visit with mom about this. It's her right to make this choice as far as trying or not trying tampons. Not even the daughters. She can nag mom but if you did let her try tampons and mom had made the choice to not let her...there will be strife and anger for the rest of your life.

Just sayin, it's mom's choice and no one else's.

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answers from Boise on

My daughter is 12 and refuses to try tampons. She has tried pretty much every brand (she's been having her cycles since she was 10). She's decided what works best for her is the Kotex U brand. You'll recognize them by their black box with vibrant florescent accent colors Be sure to get the longer ones so that the underwear is protected more ( like the ones they specify for heavy or night flow ). That's why my daughter prefers this brand. As a side note, my older daughter (15) and I prefer the same brand of tampons.

ETA: My daughter is thin and very tall for her age and has no problem with the pads being "visible" through her clothes, and she'll wear shorts, tighter jeans, etc... with no problem. Don't force her to try a tampon. You can suggest it and have them around just in case SHE decides to, but you can scar her emotionally if you force the issue. She will try when she's ready. Just my opinion. I would never suggest one of those cups.. UGH.

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answers from New York on

My 13 year old daughter started with the U by Kotex tween pads a year ago. She now just uses the U by Kotex regular ones, probably because the tween ones only came in smaller boxes and I go for savings in bulk when I shop at Target :)

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answers from Chicago on

My girls like Always thins and I also buy Target brand. They have a green packaged pad that is not thick at all. They like them because they do not show even with skinny jeans. I buy a Target orange wrapped pad for nighttime--also thin but a bit longer.

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answers from New York on

I'm almost positive it's Always that has a new style pad that's more like foam, in a black box, pretty bright colors. Those things are the best EVER!

*Not the U ones, I know they have a black box but that's not them. The ones I'm talking about clearly say something about "new" and they really are more like a foam fabric part and they wick away moisture like gang busters, with great wing coverage to protect the sides of her panties and they are very thin.

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answers from Chicago on

I just wanted to say that you are very smart to not introduce tampons and to respect that this is moms place and not grandmas, kudos to you!!! Enjoy your time with your granddaughter.



answers from Washington DC on

IMO, Always Infinity. You can also suggest she use Kotex brand Laura suggested. They have a brand in a black box for girls. My SD used them.

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