Best Portable Video Monitor with Dual Camera Capability?

Updated on November 09, 2007
L. asks from Plano, TX
4 answers

We are getting ready to have a new baby and our toddler is moving into his big boy bed (I'm way more nervous about monitoring the toddler than the baby!). I would like to get a dual camera video monitor with a portable viewing screen and want to know if there are ones you LOVE or HATE? I'd like to keep the whole purchase under $300 if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

I have the Summers Infant video monitor. It was about $199. It only comes with one camera monitor and one handheld portable monitor. THe only issue I've encourntered is that the viewing monitor is suppose to be in color but it a faint color (which is really no bid deal). It has a good picture and I can keep any eye on my infant when she is upstairs in her bed. WE have had no issues with interference with our wireline internet nor our wireless phone. However, you will need to check on ordering an additional camera.



answers from Houston on

I do not know about monitors with video but I really recommend the AngelCare with movement sensor monitor, I used it and it was also recommended to me by a lot of friends and family and I am very grateful they did.

I know is not the information you were looking for, but I though it never hurts to let you know what works for me, I will definitely use it with my next baby.



answers from Dallas on

We have the Summer Infant hand-held video monitor and love it. I think it's around $150 at Babie's R Us but other places carry it. Also, before we bought it I read several reviews and several weren't very good but we've had no trouble and our nursery is upstairs from our room.

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