Best Place to Get a Pinata? Got My Answer, Thanks!

Updated on November 03, 2008
S. asks from Dallas, TX
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Best place to get a pinata? Also, where do you get the stick to hit it with! I need one for a birthday party this weekend. TIA!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses (including the private one with great info)! I found out about some places I didn't know about, or would never have thought of. I did get ours at Party City, because I needed one quickly, but now I'll know of other places in the future. I also found out you can buy the "bat" to hit the pinata with at Party City, as well. Thanks, everyone!

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Most party stores carry pinata's. Party City. There is one at Preston and Park. Call first because my children are older and it has been awhile since I bought one. But just a few years ago they had a decent selection. A stick? A broom or mop handle, or baseball bat will do!

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There are a TON of pinata shops in Oak Cliff. There are several shops in the area with very good prices, from what I've seen. They usually have the decorated sticks there, as well.

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Hi stacy ,
i dont know where in dallas you are but fiesta stores have some also for the stick we got one at homedepo lol good luck ..oh and on harry hines there are some bazzars they sell all kinds of things from mexico bet you can find one there i did.good luck

sahm married with four silly kids ,,,,,,

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Garden Ridge (use a broom stick or a stick from a tree or a toy creative)

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