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Updated on October 27, 2009
J.B. asks from Frisco, TX
6 answers

I am looking for recommendation as to best place to buy tires for our car in the Frisco area.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the responses. My husband likes Discount Tires too. In doing a internet search they seemed to have the best deals. Thank you again.

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answers from Dallas on

We have done business for several years with Discount Tire located in Plano at 75/Spring Creek.

I can say that this location has always been very fair, warranties are good, service is good and little to no wait time (at least they tell you if you are in for a wait).

We had several cars go through the tire process there, however, 2 weeks ago when my husband was out of town, my high end Mercedes had a couple of tire issues.

My dealer quoted me on tires and recommend that I double check with Discount. I did and Discount got me a better tire and better warranty. Granted, my tires, as well as some other models, cannot be rotated there therefore with 2 tire sizes, the 45,000 mile warranty is voided. I do however have an extra warranty I purchased for $135 that covers all 4 tires I bought. I think I spent about 1300 for 4 new tires for my car. GRANTED....mine are not the regularly used tires, most of the time special ordered so don't expect that high price with any car..

We have replaced tires on other cars we've had for much less. The shop where we go is very nice. They check tire pressure if needed, do what is needed most often at no charge.

I have a husband on the road a LOT and I need someone I can trust and I do trust Discount Tire at 75/Spring Creek Plano.

Good luck



answers from Dallas on

I also recommend discount tire. they also honor competitors pricing... firestone had a better deal on my tires and I had discount tire call them to get the pricing and tire type. so it was great. I wanted to go to discount because of the tire warranty and that there are so many locations around town.



answers from Dallas on

Discount tire for sure! They have the best service and prices.



answers from Dallas on

We only buy our tires at Discount Tire. My best friend just bought theirs from NTB and overpaid by $100.00 and took them 4 hours versus our 45 min. to an hour. Also you get free rotations and balances which I have had to use on more than one occasion. I also had a car that I handed down to my brother and they switched the warranty over to him so the tires and rotations and balances were covered for him. I will never buy my tires anywhere else.



answers from Dallas on

Check out your local Sam's club. I found a better deal on name brand tires than than I did at Discount Tires.



answers from Dallas on

I've bought tires at Discount Tire for years and have always been very pleased with their prices and service. I have not been to one in Frisco specifically, but have been to several others in the area through the years and would recommend them.

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