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Updated on January 11, 2011
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

We are redoing our kitchen (YAY) and getting all new appliances as well... In your opinion, where do you find the best deals for stainless steal appliances? Brandsmart, Loews, Home Depot, Sears, ???? Any other place that I'm not thinking of?

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answers from Sacramento on

I've had good luck with Sears and Home Depot. I researched and found the model washer and dryer I wanted at Home Depot but they didn't have them at the local store. So, I took a leap of faith and ordered online. They were delivered right on time, installed correctly (no problems) and the old machines were hauled away.

I did have one complaint with Home Depot -- they insisted on installing a new metal hose to the washer when I'd just put in a better one than theirs six months earlier. I was peeved I had to pay for something I didn't need and called customer service. Well, they immediately apologized, said it's a policy for liability reasons and sent me a gift card covering what I paid for the new hose. I was very happy with how they handled things and felt it was fair. Overall, a great buying experience.

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answers from Dallas on

We prefer and like Sears or a Sears Outlet if you have one in your area. We bought our fridge from the outlet at great discount, and our double oven from regular Sears. Have purchased appliances from Best Buy & Lowes and not been totally happy.

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answers from Dallas on

We recently bought a bunch of new appliances too from Lowes. We had an issue with our dishwasher in less than six months. The manufacturer was going to honor the warranty but there was a shortage on a particular part and they expected us to wait 12 weeks for the part. When I called Lowes they immediately told me I could exchange the defective dishwasher for a new one. They were extremely helpful and we did not have any of their extended warranties. We have been very pleased with our experience there. They price match, so even if we find a better deal elsewhere, we go to Lowes.

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answers from Cincinnati on

if you hav a menards near you they usually have really good deals



answers from Tulsa on

sears because if you hate it, even after 6 months, they will take it back and let you trade it for another. I had a Bosch dishwaster that was energy efficient because it had no heater. We use it once a week. I noticed the silverware rusting and the dishes were awful, but I didn't think they would accept returns on unbroken appliances. I told them about it and they offered to take it back.



answers from Phoenix on

We like to buy from Sears. They have great customer service, deliver in our area (which is kind of a big deal), and I love the fact that when I put it on my Sears credit card, they don't charge me interest for a year. Of course that means that if you haven't paid it off within the year all the back interest in applied, but it's not a big deal so long as you make sure to pay if off before your one year expires!


answers from San Francisco on

Last time I bought an appliance I used the sears website. It has a feature that allows you to check off the appliances you are interested in and compare the specs side by side on one page. Even if you'd rather buy from a store I'd recommend it as a research tool.



answers from New York on

I've had good luck with Sears. Plus you can almost always finance without interest, use coupons, etc.

But don't rule out some of the smaller shops in your area. They have to compete with the big boys and will often match prices. If you are paying in cash, they will gove deals, too. And it's nice to keep the little guys alive.

Enjoy your reno - so jealous!!!


answers from Dallas on

We prefer Best Buy. We've bought a Kitchen Aid fridge and Kitchen Aid dishwasher (both high end models) and absolutely love them. We've also bought more than 1 computer, cameras, tv's, printers, etc.

The associates at the Best Buy where we go are very knowledgable on all the products. You tell them what quality, how much you want to spend, then they show you what is available. THEN you can compare with something that might be better, etc.

LOVE Best Buy and the reward program they have too. We always pay cash (DON'T BORROW), most of the time you can get a discount with cash PLUS we use our reward card (loyalty card...not a credit card) and get money back from being loyal Best Buy customers.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Pick pick out the ones you like the best, save the cash and go buy it where it's cheapest. We never go for the "extended warranty" or anything like that b/c we have an awesome private guy that services appliances.



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm not sure what state you live in but we bought all of our stainless appliances at Howards-they were the cheapest deals we could find and they do deliverly/haul away-we just had to pay for instillation.

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