Best Pacifier for 7 Month Old

Updated on June 10, 2010
K.L. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I'm looking for your experience with using pacifiers for your baby if you breast feed. My 7month old DD is breastfed exclusively when I'm not at work, and at daycare she has bottles of expressed breast milk or sometimes formula. She does not like to take her bottle and commonly will drink her milk from her sippy cup. Nutritionally, that's fine, but I know she's missing out on the rhythmic sucking action that calms her. Add that to a bout of separation anxiety and my baby is having a really hard time being away from me at daycare all day! She does not use a pacifier regularly now; if we give one to her she treats it like another toy, banging it, examining it, and twisting it around in her mouth chewing it. So, is there a pacifier that she will actually suck on, while at daycare, that will help comfort her a little bit more when I'm at work?

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answers from Omaha on

Find her something other than a paci to comfort her- a blanket maybe, or a little stuffed animal. If she doesn't use one much now, I wouldn't get her started.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

She might not enjoy the "rhythmic sucking action" with a pacifier that you might think she misses. My son didn't take the pacifier but my daughter did. All babies are different. If she is crabby, you might want to look at other things like gas or acid reflux. Especially if she show no interest in the pacifiers that you have tried to give her.

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answers from Honolulu on

I breastfed both my kids, exclusively.
Not all babies do pacifiers.
My daughter did not, my son did.
It depends on the child.

Next, if she is taking milk from a sippy, good for her! Because, usually a baby will NOT even drink from a sippy. Period. So, its good she is.
A baby still has to 'suck' from a sippy cup.
I see no problem with that.
Some babies will even suck on their tongue or fingers to soothe themselves. But they don't 'have to' have or do rhythmic sucking to 'soothe' themselves. Again, each baby is different.

A baby does not 'have to' have a pacifier or a suck from a bottle. If she transitioned to a sippy already, for milk... that is great.

Sucking on a pacifier will not ease separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety is developmental based. It happens and then they grow out of it. 6-7 months old is the typical age for 'separation anxiety.'

If she really does not do well at her Daycare.. then ask them: how do they handle babies like that? Who have separation anxiety? Is she interacted with or just left in a crib all darn day? Are they nurturing? Or just ignore it/her? Are they kind? Do they know how to distract her or do they even try? Are they aware of developmental needs? Are they feeding her ON-DEMAND? This is a must. She is a baby. Feeding by a 'schedule' is not good. Do they feed her enough? Are they competent?
To me, this is the issue... not her having a pacifier.

all the best,



answers from Omaha on

If you haven't started a pacifer before this.. DON"T... you are only going to have to take it away soon anyway. If she is doing okay then why are you pushing it? As far as daycare goes she will adapt, I believe it is you having the seperation anxiety. All children go thru phases of seperation anxiety when their normal routine changes but children are VERY adaptable and she will be just fine. If she has no interest in the pacifer other than a toy don't worry about.



answers from Duluth on

the nuk brand is pretty good; but there is also a kind that is fully one harder piece. those are safer and more sanitary. really, at her age it shouldnt be a big deal exactly which one; nipple confusion isnt a big issue anymore.
good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

My view is a little different than the previous answers. While I would agree that a pacifier will not alleviate the separation anxiety, I think that it could help lessen the "trauma". I breast fed both of my children until 13 months. Both of them used a pacifier regularly from 5 months on. We took my daughter's away when she was 3 and my son (just turned 2) still has his. I don't intend on forcing him to give it up for at least a year. I would have lost my sanity long ago if it wasn't for a pacifier!

As far as the best brand goes, it all depends on the child. With my daughter, we tried EVERY brand, every shape, silicon, latex, etc....she finally "chose" the Avent silicone. With my son, we offered him a Nuk brand first and he was fine with it. He also doesn't care if it's latex or silicone.

I would like to add that before I had children I was VERY anti-pacifier. It drove me crazy to see children with them in their months....especially kids over age 1. I was also very reluctant because of the concern over nipple confusion while breast feeding.....but we NEVER had a problem. Like I said, I would be losing my mind without them. It has been much easier to leave my kids with a sitter, in the nursery at church or in childcare at the gym knowing they have something that will comfort them.

I think the best way to know if she will be soothed by it, is to just try it. She may reject it from the get-go.

Hope this helps!



answers from Minneapolis on

Some kids, whether they be bottle fed or breast fed, just reject the pacifier. My oldest daughter was exclusively breast-fed and at 7 months, I had to stop breastfeeding (she was hospitalized with a serious illness). She rejected the bottle totally and had to go straight to a cup. The good news is that I never had to wean her from a bottle or from a pacifier :)

I did wonder at the time about missing out on that sucking motion at such an early age - both physically and emotionally. She is such a happy, well-adjusted, nearly perfect 21 yr old now, I figure it couldn't have been too damaging :)

Good luck :)



answers from Milwaukee on

I agree with the others that it is probably too late to start a pacifier, but the Soothies brand mimics the shape of the natural nipple as it goes in the baby's mouth. BUT, I wouldn't bother. If she hasn't taken it by now, she most likely won't.


answers from San Francisco on

You can try the Nucke pacifier. It is the one closest to a mothers' breast. I'm not going to say its going to work but it did for my daughter who breast fed her son. That was the only one that he would take. Make sure you buy a second one if she likes this one. Keep using back and forth so she doesn't wear out the softest one. Good luck and I'm sure she will be fine. I find it almost hard to believe that they have diagnosed her with Separation Anxiety Disorder. Your the mom, really check that one out especially at her age.
I wish you lots of luck, its hard when your trying to get back to work and on top worry about your child constantly.