Best News EVER!!!

Updated on November 15, 2011
M.A. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My Daughter & Son in Law have been trying for almost 5 years to get pregnant. After one failed round of IVF. They tried accupunture. Today she saw the heartbeat of her baby for the first time!!!! She is only 7 weeks but this is the best news ever!!!!! I want to give her something for Christmas that is for Mom to Be. I am in NO way Crafty or Creative! There for would like to purchase something on the cheaper side since I am frugal also. Anyone have any ideas?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your support! I decided on... 1. Christmas ornament (It has two snowman with a Heart in the middle with their names & the year and says Baby on the way!) 2. My mom has always given us christmas jammies since we were little so I am getting the baby to be the outfit to be brought home in from the hospital universal of course. I think I will also get the Prgnancy journal. & a stuffed animal that will resemble the nursery when that gets done. That you again for everything! Now onto the dad to be gift idea. I have the mom all covered! :)

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Woo-hoo! Congrats, Grandma!
I like the idea of starting an ornament tradition--one for every year--starting with this one!

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answers from Appleton on

I don't know if Moms to be still read the book "What To Expect When You Are Expecting". Both of my daughters read it and found it to be very helpful.

My only other idea would be a cute maternity outfit or a rocking chair with the matching ottoman. The glider rockers are so nice.

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My idea is for you to post another question on here asking everyone for their favorite piece of pregnancy advice. Then buy a really cute journal and write them all down for her.

Will take up some time but won't cost you much!

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

Two small gifts I got really early on in my pregnancy that I enjoyed very much were Oh Baby the Places You'll Go (it's a Dr. Seuss Book meant to be read to your baby in Utero) and a What To Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer.

I too had a long, rocky road to getting pregnant and both of these small gifts were perfect because they were all about enjoying/relishing the pregnancy time. Big congrats to you and your Daughter-what a joyful time!

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Oh joyful! I don't have an idea for a gift, but want to say congratulations!!


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Just want to say That is Great, I'm so glad for everybody. All the ideas here sound very nice. How about a basket of goodies that say Welcome Baby. What about a framed picture of the ultra-sound pic.? Maybe you can find someone that knits and have them make a handmade blanket.

The very Best to the Baby and Mama and everyone. May God Bless and Keep You All

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How about her fav. stuffed animal or baby blanket when she was little.

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Congrats to your daughter and son in law and also to you!

I like the personlized things like ornaments in Things to Remember. A necklace or braclet would be nice also.

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Congrats to the new expecting parents and to the new Grandma! We got pregnant with accupuncture too, after 18 months of fertility drugs. There are kits for belly casts that would be cute way to remember the pregnancy - they are like $25 ish at Toys R Us.



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At this early stage in the pregnancy, it's good to think about maternal bond kind of gifts. Maybe a necklace or bracelet with a symbolic Mom & baby charm. They come in all price ranges. You could probably find one at Target, but have more luck and get a better quality one for under $50 at a jewelry store. You could also give her a basket of products to make her pregnancy more comfortable, like skin balm, body pillow and cover, (sea-sickness bracelet ;) ) etc. Oh, and I love Abby H's idea! Have fun! I love baby shopping!!!



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Congrats Grandma! One of the things that my mom did for me as soon as she found out I was pregnant, was to pick out a really soft (safe) stuffed animal and wrote a sweet note about how this could be the baby's first lovie and how it would be there to give hugs when Grandma couldn't be. It made me cry! (of course it could have been the pregger hormones) She still has that stuffed animal. It told her the story of Grandma giving it to her/me, and she tells other people about it. It's very cute. I also had a pregnancy journal that was really neat with my first. Didn't have time with the other three kiddos, but I wish I would have. Good luck to her!



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I think a scrapbook of either her pregnancy or the 1st year of the unborn child would be really nice considering how hard they tried to get pregnant. They sell blank ones for the mom to fill out on amazon or any bookstore. I'm sure this is a really special time they'll want to record. Congrats Grandma :)


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I don't have any ideas for a gift, but wanted to say CONGRATS!



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Maybe just give her something with "Mom" or "Mommy" on it. I hope she has a VERY merry Christmas!


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Awww! Congrats! As someone who has struggled to get pregnant-that is wonderful news!
Hallmark makes a ornament each year for parents to be. (Tried to find a link to this years...sorry, no luck.)
But they are usually always pretty cute.
Or a pregnancy journal would be really nice.
They have formated ones that I used to sell a lot of as a bookseller:
or this one:
I just used nice blank journals for mine.
I wrote a lot to my 1st 2nd, not so much. ;)
Congrats again!!!



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Wonderful!!!! Wishing them a safe and utterly boring pregnancy. I got a friend who was having twins via IVF a necklace from Red Envelope. It was a simple silver pendant that had two little pearls in it - you could get one with a single pearl or something else cute from that site. It wasn't expensive.



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James Avery has a sterling silver charm called the Mother's love charm. It is a heart that is shaped so it looks like a Mother/Child. My brother in law got one for my sister her first Mother's day (my niece was only 3 months old) and it is one of her most cherished gifts. It also comes in a ring too!


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a photo book made of her journey up to having a baby...maybe from her and you son in law when they first met up (or when they were little up until the ultrasound pic)until the first ultrasound pic..theyre only 20 bucks fun to make online and everyone loves them



answers from Milwaukee on

The Pregnancy Journal!!! I loved it, tells you what is going on every day and you can write notes about how you are feeling and about the baby. My kids like looking at it and hearing what a wrote. I used the same one for all my kids to compare the differences very fun!
Can get it around $13 and author is Christine Harris



answers from Sioux City on

Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law! And congratulations to you too, Grandma!

We struggled thru 5+ years of infertility before finally adopting our sweet miracle girl.

Gift ideas (several of these were given to us by various friends):
-a Willow Tree figurine - there is a pregnant woman one and a couple one
-photo frames to put ultrasound photos in
-baby apparel - specialized onesies (we got two that said "so worth the wait") that we love!
-a basket of baby items - socks, onesies, lotion, etc for baby
-a basket of items for mom - cocoa butter for belly, pg massage gift certificate (you can watch groupon or deal garden for great deals), etc (have given this and gotten rave reviews every time!)
-my in-laws sent us a simple card telling us how happy they were and that we were going to be great parents - we still have it and it is baby's scrapbook

Congratulations again!

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