Best Mop for a Tile Floor with Grout??

Updated on October 28, 2010
W.H. asks from Buckeye, AZ
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I have a lot of tile floor with grout. I borrowed my friend's steam mop and liked it a lot, however it doesn't seem to do anything for the grout. It still is better than a sponge mop, which we learned is the worst thing for tile since it just pushes dirty water into the grout. My question is - what is the best mop we can get for tile floor that has grout? I'd really like to go with a steam type mop that is durable and EASY to use. (I hate mopping and so it has to be easy!)

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Some years back I have looked into the steam cleaning vacuums for the same reason. We have light uneven tile with light grout - yikes! The vacuums all seemed to fail the grout part, so I bought a Koblez Floor Scrubber and have been very happy with it. When I mentioned it back then to a co-worker, she mentioned that she had one for ages, so they seem to hold up well.
It does not steam, but the scrub brush kind of pounces up and down which gets in to the uneven spots and the grout.
Good luck with your search!

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3/4 of the floor in my house is tile. I use a Hoover FloorMate with the spin scrub brushed and I LOVE it. It's my second one. I've tried a number of other things but took them all back. You don't want to use a regular mop because the water gets dirty and then you're putting dirty water on the floor and it pools and settles in the grout. Dirty mop water is the biggest culprit to dirty grout. The FloorMate puts clean water on the floor and suctions it up into a different tank. It gets the floor VERY clean too. I tested it once by mopping the same room 2x to see if it really was getting all the dirt and the "dirty" water was pretty clean on the second time through. Any my floors are filthy by the time I get around to mopping (I have 2 young boys and a dog). Good luck. Keeping grout clean is always a challenge.

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I want to know too. There is a tv commercial for a vacuum that steams and sweeps, possibly by Bissell. Anyone try it?
I don't like the steam shark because of the grout. Swiffers don't work well.
Our tile is porcelain with holes in it filled with grout(never get this).



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I think I have tried everything under the sun. What works hasn't been invented yet (other than good old fashion hand cleaning). I have a steam mop now and I keep thinking that if it had one cover with grooves (think of ripple chips) that might get into the grout. Right now I just tilt it to the side a little and try and clean in the grout. It gets it better than not doing it at all, but occasionally I still need to get down and just clean it up with a magic eraser and a wet cloth.



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I feel your pain! Right now I use and old fashioned mop, really scrub the floor and then suck the water up with a Bissell floormate. It works but is pretty labor intensive. I'm interested if someone has this down better than I do. One thing I've learned the HARD way. If it isn't, have your grout sealed. After ours was installed I was told "it" didn't need to be sealed. The installer meant the tile, not the grout. Our grout should be redone but that is a big job and/or expensive so I live with dingy grout (resentfully at times ;-)

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