Best Mattresses for Toddlers?? Recommendations?

Updated on November 17, 2009
C.L. asks from Las Vegas, NV
6 answers

I'm in the market for a full-size toddler bed for my 4yr old son. He is a tummy sleeper and I'm wondering if anyone knows the best type of mattress to invest in (firm, coiled, foam, air?) also does anyone know if the controversy with the foam (releasing gasses, etc?) is legit?? I believe in organic for lots of things, but is it worth it to invest in organic beds?

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi C.,
I skipped the toddler bed and went for a regular twin - why spend money on a mattress you can only use a couple of years when you can use a twin forever. I went to Sit n Sleep and got a cheaper matress that broke after a month when my son jumped on it. We took it back and got a better quality twin mattress. We've had it for 5 years. I suggest going to the store and testing them to see which is the most comfortable for you and get a name brand you can trust.

Hope this helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hey C.,
My husband and I invested in a Naturepedic mattress. It is made of all organic cotton, and additionally the only fire retardant that is used is baking soda and silica (both of which have NO off-gasing and are non-toxic). They have a nice selection of mattresses and we have been incredibly pleased with all our purchases from them. Additionally, their mattresses are designed so that dust mites cannot make their home in the mattress, making it a non-allergenic mattress. It cost a decent amount, but we felt it was worth it.



answers from San Diego on

<laughing> And a second tummy sleeper chimes in the opposite direction. I'd ratherhave no bed at all than on a firm mattress. LOVE soft mattresses. Pillowtops & down. (A good bed won't sag, no matter how soft it is.

So now that the conflicting advice has come in...two thoughts:

1) How attached are you to a toddler bed? Regular twins come in a waaaaaay larger range, last for 10 years instead of 2, and cost about the same. Cute sheets and you're set. You can also just put the mattress on the floor, then raise it on top of the box spring when rolling off isn't a fear. (We actually went with a double for our son, because we like laying down and reading/talking together). We also got a super expensive bed for 30% of the retail price because we went to an outlet, instead of storefront. So it ended up at about 300, but would have been about a grand. Flukish, they had it, he liked it, and that was our price cap.

2) Would you be willing to take him shopping with you? Have him lay in a bunch and see what's "comfy"? It helps give them ownership, kind of like how they'll eat food they make themselves that they wouldn't touch if someone else made it, and (at least for us) helped a ton with the transition.

Anyhow... just some thoughts.



answers from Los Angeles on

I bought my 3 year old daughter a posterpedic firm matress because she is a , or I should say WAS a tummy sleeper. Since we bought her a bed, she sleeps on her side then back. I bought a full size so I would have room in the bed when she wanted company. Two nights in her bed and I was so sad I spent$750 on a bed that was impossible to sleep in. So firm it was painful. I have added a down top and a memory foam top to make it comfortable. Now it's great but that cost way more than I wanted to spend.



answers from Los Angeles on

i went to IKEA and bought my son a mattress there...they have great ones and the price is right too.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't have this situation yet, but I can tell you that from being a tummy sleeper myself... I firm mattress is best. If it sags or is soft then it will arch the back the wrong way.

you might check out if you are concerned about the gasses, yes all commercial ones do release gasses from their process... for almost a full year after they are made and unwrapped.

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