Best Indoor Bounce House for Birthday Parties Is........

Updated on September 14, 2009
S.W. asks from Dallas, TX
5 answers

Fill in the blank, please! :)

(My boys will be 2 and 4, so the venue needs to be fun for those ages.)

Thank you in advance!

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It depends on what you're looking for. Boomerangs is good and I think you can stay there pretty much all day. The downside is that it's open to the general public so you're sharing the area with everyone else. You do get your own party room, but I think that's only for an hour or so.

Pump it Up is really good too but you only get 2.5 hours, but, duing that time you have each room to yourself. Depending on the kiddos ages, this can be a plus since the parents don't have to stand guard quite as much or worry about kids they don't know, etc. Either venue is fun imo so you can't go wrong realy with either.



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We LOVE plano. Tuesday is half price day or buy one get one free day.....great set up and the kids love it.



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I agree ... Boomerang's is great! good for kids, good for parents! There are plenty of tables all around the place so you can park all your items with you and keep an eye on the kids in most all the bounce houses. There's a snack bar so you can buy snacks/drinks. Everything is clean. Plenty of room - not too crazy even when it's crowded. There's a Parent area - if you want to go there -- with lots of plugs if you want to plug your laptop in... a big screen TV there for the parents ... free WiFi.
My son runs and runs and runs -- he's usually all sweaty when we leave b/c he's had so much fun! Also ... they stamp every kid and every parent with a matching number when you first get there -- and check every kid when leaving the place... there's a gate they have to go through first before they reach the outside door.
We go to the Boomerang's at Spring Creek/Coit (NW corner) in Plano.

Also at the Plano location ... Tuesdays are 2 kids for price of one admission!!!



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Boomeranges! They have a couple of special areas for the 2 year old and plenty of others for the 4 year old!



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I have found that Jump N'Land in Sherman (In the Midway mall) was a lot of fun. They have both bounce houses and an indoor play area (like McD's). It's open to the public, but you do get a seperate party room. There is a lot of room for kids to run around between the play center and the bounce houses.

By the way if you need any entertainment for your party, my husband and I are professional clowns living in Anna. We offer facepainting, balloon sculptures, comedy magic shows,friendship bracelets, along with fun interaction and games. We've entertained at birthday parties and large events like the Plano Balloon Festival.

Our prices are very reasonable (we have four great kids of our own so we know how expensive things can get)and we do our best to work within a person's budget.

Please feel free to take a look at our website at for samples of our work.

Give us a call at ###-###-#### if you have any questions at all.

Hope you have a great party whatever you decide to do.

Hope to hear from you,

K. Schmidt
Bubbles the Clown
Bubbles and Wowza, LLC

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