Best Gifts for a 3 Year Old BOY, 5 Year Old Girl, 10 Year Old Boy....please Help

Updated on December 10, 2010
R.M. asks from Cedar Park, TX
10 answers

I am just clueless on gifts for my kiddos..any help would be greatly appreciated.


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answers from Houston on

3 year old I would go for building toys- like fisher price trio.

5 year old girl- craft/art supplies or a game like Zingo.

10 year old boy I would opt for science gifts (like electronics kit) or helicopter. HTH!

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answers from San Francisco on

the age 3 is a very sensory age, I would say blocks, play dough, trains, or anything safe and fun My nephew is really into building legos, maybe for the 5 yr old you can get some legos, i know that mega blocks makes some nice thick colored ones just for young kids. and a ten year old, my niece is 10 and she is in to, books, writing, her ds, and clothing.
hope these ideas work. good luck : )

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answers from Jacksonville on

I'd bet your daughter would love a pillow pet. Both my kids want one (they are 9 and 12, and the 12 yr old is a boy), but I think our son is really too old to get something like that. He has decided that he will get one for his sister for Xmas instead. :)

A 10 yr old boy: a gun (if you are not opposed to such things- I see you are in TX, so I doubt that is an issue, lol)- either BB,pellet or whatever else Dad will teach him to use safely; or Nerf guns are ALWAYS winners with my son... even at 12. Would he enjoy a microscope or telescope? All boys like to "fiddle" with things... maybe some Lego's or some sort of erector set or Tinker Toys. A wood burning kit? Bow and arrow set? Does he have handheld games? Then maybe a gaming chair?

5 yr old girl: what sorts of things does she like? My daughter is not very girly and can't stand pink/lavender or anything princess. She likes Lego's, art stuff, electronics, and ride-on toys. Last year (when she was 8) she got a Razor 360 (low to the ground Trike with in line wheels that rotate 360 degrees so that it can spin around backwards and in a circle) that she and her older brother both just loved. (Maybe your son would like this also?). Paint by numbers, sewing kits, jewelry making kits, jewelry box, a bracelet for church or other special events, a plush bathrobe (my daughter LOVES getting one of these)...

It's been a while since I have spent time around a 3 yr old... so I'm not much help there. But maybe some sort of plastic work bench, with toy wrenches, drills, etc?

And you can always get them books. Our kids get books every year.
This year, my 9 yr old asked for a Nook, so she can download her accelerated reader books so she has easier access to earn more points.

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answers from Dallas on

my 3 yr old boy was into trains, well any transportation really, but he was obesessed with trains. So anything Thomas.
5 yr old girl, probably art sets, drawing painting, kits to make friendship bracelets. Barbie Dream House would be a huge hit at that age.
10 yr old boy - im gonna go with video game or karate lessons!

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answers from Dallas on

My 3 yo boy LOVES playmobils. they have different sets from zoos to pirates to pharos of Egypt. So much fun! He spends hours playing with them. some have been on sale at toys r us in the form of buy one, get one 1/2 off, but you'll only see it in-store. They havent' been putting these deals in catalog.
My 7 yo loves his DS if you don't have one that could be fun for 10 yo.
if your daughter is a girly-girl I also saw this neat barbie fingernail wrap machine that you use with your computer, or maybe stand alone, anyway you create the nail wrap, put your finger in this little space, it puts the wrap on the nail and then you coat with clear polish. It showed that you could even use personal pictures to create the patterns. I told my boys that if I was little, I would definately want Santa to bring that to me. (then they sweetly said if Santa didn't - they would LOL!).
good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

My boys are 4 and 1 so I can help with the 3 year old boy.

My boys love cars, blocks, and bikes.

Maybe a really awesome car ramp/garage toy with some hot wheels.

Wooden blocks for building things.

A bicycle with training wheels and a helmet or a Radio Flyer My First Scooter and a Helmet.

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answers from Detroit on

the 3 year old boy, might like playdoh, trio building blocks, hi ho cherry-o game,fishing game, toy camera, hotwheels race tracks, paints, markers, anything Fischer price imaginex.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I don't have much experience with the older kids, but I do have a 3yo boy. Some things that my son likes: cars/trucks/trains, blocks, puzzles, books, "workbench" and "tools", Mr. Potato Head and animals. There is the active stuff, too - bike, scooter, t-ball set, and football are other favorites.

For Christmas we are getting him a Thomas & Friends Mega Blocks set (from Santa), the TAG reading system, and a couple of zhu zhu pets and accessories.

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answers from Tampa on

My soon to be 3 yr old boy (January) is receiving his first bike (with training wheels) and a little tykes basketball hoop/ball. The height adjusts and will grow with him over the next several years. We were at a birthday party recently at a children's gym and he played BB almost the entire time. We know he will love this and he is always excited each time he sees a bike.

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answers from College Station on

Most 3yo boys LOVE Buzz Lightyear :) Can't help with the 5yo girl, but my 10yo boy is getting a Kindle. He is a voracious reader and I can't keep him in books!

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