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Updated on August 03, 2010
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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Thank you to the LADIES that replied. Good to know i'm not an abnormal size.

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answers from Chicago on

I personally do not have this problem, but my sister does have some big breasts and she gets most of her bras from Lane Bryant. I believe they have a website that you could shop on. She used to wear VS, but they just stopped making things that she could wear. The other place that she has shopped is Fredfrick's of Hollywood. Hope you are able to find something that works for you! Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

LOL!!! I can soo relate to this post. I literally have boxes of sexy lingerie and most of it doesn't fit properly. My hubby also tries to steer me away from sensible underwear buying the over the top padded leaves lines in my clothes, the underwire feels like it's going to cut me in half and for all the "support", I'd be better off going braless. I finally just had to tell my hubby that I really appreciated the thought and although I LOVED much of what he got and LOVE that he wants to get me sexy thing still; I felt like he was wasting money on items I can't wear. So we have compromised. Either he shows me what he is thinking of buying (the color is often a surprise) or I get a gift card from him. It works better and there have been no hard feelings. I still haven't found a brand that I am in love with, so I will be checking this post.

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answers from Missoula on

Don't even get me started on Victoria's Secret! I can't stand them either, so I totally sympathize.
First, yes there are really adorable bras for those of us with larger chests out there. Some of my favorite brands are Panache, Freya, Fantansie of England and Por Moi. Great support and really cute styles and colors. I buy most of these online at either or Many of them carry matching panties as well. And they have very reasonable shipping rates and return policies, so you can order a few and return what doesn't work.

Secondly, you have got to get your husband to stop buying you bras. I can't imagine someone else picking out bras for me, it is just too personal an item, and too difficult for someone else to know what is going to fit me.
Perhaps you could direct him elsewhere, jewelry? A gift certificate to a spa or salon for your special occasions?

And finally, (you can ignore this if you want) I have learned from personal experience that 38DD is one of those sizes that many women think they are, but really aren't. Because it is near the top of the size range that most stores carry, women come in to buy a bra and are stuffed into that size, whether it fits or not. I had a VS sales associate fit me as a 38DD, and a fitter at another store as well. Neither store carried much bigger than that, so that's what they tried to sell me. Turns out I'm a 36G. Anyway, just something to think about.

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answers from Norfolk on

Well, you could try buying him some tight g-string jock strap underwear and see how much he likes trying to be comfortable with some butt floss between his cheeks. (I'm very sorry for that mental image.) It could back fire - he might actually like it.
My husband would never dream of trying to buy a bra for me. He has no idea what would fit or feel right. There are too many variables and he doesn't really want to think about it. Besides cup size (and shape), there's band size, strap comfort/adjustability, underwire vs no underwire, racerback or not, breathability, material (lace makes me itch), etc. And on top of all that, my size and shape can change within 6 months and it's hard enough for ME to find something that fits me right let alone expecting someone else might be able to figure it out (not a chance).
So - if your husband insists on throwing money out the window, well - there's no stopping him. But maybe you can steer him into a gift certificate so you can at least buy something that's workable.
He also needs to know there are more places to buy sexy underwear than Victoria's (or Fredrick's). Here's a few to take a look at:

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answers from Springfield on

1. For great, cute bras that fit those of us that are "well-endowed" try Cacique.. LOVE them!

2. Thank your husband for wanting to make you feel special with sexy gifts, then explain (say- this is important to me, say that actual sentence I swear its like a dog whistle for men) that what he picks out doesn't work, show him something along the same lines that does and remember to tell him that you will both reap the "rewards" if you feel comfortable in his gifts!

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answers from Spartanburg on

Aubade is a brand of French lingerie I like and I see it is available in the USA at for example, and some of their bras are 38DD, such as:

Aubade: Fleurs De Pommier 3/4-Cup Bra
Style: SS09-GA15-BLACK
Aubade: Fleurs De Pommier Collection- Everyday seduction is possible with this glamorous yet comfortable collection. Smooth embroidery on tulle and soft delicate mesh create a canvas for a blooming floral motif while seductive transparency suggests flirtation.

• Aubade: Fleurs De Pommier 3/4-Cup Bra
• Floral embroidered sheer bra.
• Fine, double elasticized straps with butterfly detailing.
• 56% polyester, 40% polyamide, 4% spandex.
• Aubade of France.
Price: $125.00

Another one is La Perla! I had the opposite issue so can not speak from experience, but hopefully you will like these... I agree VS can be so gaudy!



answers from Kansas City on

I'll be watching this too. I've often said that full-figure women want sexy stuff too and you can't find it. I too have the breast tissue but it just needs redirected and not with the 32 yards of fabric and as you said 2 inches of padding!


answers from Philadelphia on

I agree, all of my bras are from cacique, and I love them... it is the lane bryant underwear store.
I wait til they go on sale, buy 2 get 2 free, and stock up! Also, if you sign up for there mailing list (email or snail mail) they will send you sale ads and coupons which come in very handy!



answers from Boston on

they do carry pushups without padding. The thing that really irks me about these stores is that over a certain cup size the increase the price or at least they used to. I doesn't use that much more material to make a 36D then it does a 36C so does the price really need to go up? Its not like clothes where is a lot more material needed for regular sizes and plus sizes it really ticks me off so I don't shop there anymore that and their bras never seem to fit right. My hubby lets me pick my gift. He asks what I want and thats exactly what I get. If I want something from a certain store he will just get me a gift certificate so I can go purchase whatever it it I want in my size so I don't have to go thru the hassel of returning things. You need to explain to your hubby that you don't like them, they aren't your style, they make you feel uncomfortable and you would rather return them for something you like.



answers from Joplin on

Wow do I ever feel for you...I too am a DD and I for the life of me cannot find Bra's that look anything but utilitarian if they are to support myself. I know it has to have some padding or I have issues with "nips" I do like the Bali petal Bra...but they are not what you would call sexy. I have not had a bra that made me feel sexy since I was in my late teens. The last 2 Bra's I did buy at least had an insert that I was able to take the "push up" padding out of the bra...which made it more comfortable and more natural looking to wear...I am sorry, but nothing This Big looks Natural pushed up to my chin! Maybe ask your hubby for a gift card and offer to model and or surprise him with it?

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