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Updated on September 29, 2010
T.F. asks from Schoolcraft, MI
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My daughter will turn one in late October, and she seems really interested in her older sister's baby dolls. Our elder daughter never has really played with dolls, but she does have a Baby Stella and Bitty Baby Doll. I am wondering what other's experiences have been with "first baby" dolls and which one might be the best choice that she would enjoy now and possibly still want to play with when she is older (i.e. you could add clothes/accessories/etc.) It does seem that she is responding to the babies having faces that look real (especially the Bitty Baby) but I am thinking a softer doll would be better for a little one... any and all advice is welcome- THANKS!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply! I went with the Corelle doll- I can't wait to see her reaction.

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answers from Detroit on

My grandkids have loved the Corelle baby dolls you can get at The Doll Hospital in Berkeley and other hi-end toy stores. They have beautiful faces and there's more than one option.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

All of my little girls get a Bitty Baby when they are born (my mom buys them for the girls). They are loved constantly by my girls. My oldest daughter is 10, still plays with it, and it has withstood all the love. They are high quality dolls, and I highly recommend them. Of course, my girls love the accessories that go with the BB. They usually get some of the stuff for Christmas or birthdays. American Girl has a sale section on their website, so we usually buy stuff from there. I don't know of another doll I would recommend for daily playing.



answers from Jackson on

I LOVE the Baby Stella! I have admired it for about 2 years. I would be getting one when my soon to be grandchild is born but I don't think Noah or his daddy will appreciate it yet. LOL That said I find it a very huggable baby and would choose it over the Bitty Baby at this age. I like the BB too but I guess I would want both for my baby. By the way, I am really into baby dolls. My oldest DD had her first baby at 6 months. It was a Madam Alexander baby with a vinyl head and cloth body, arms and legs. We still have it. That was 35 years ago! If they would have had Baby Stella that is what she would have had!



answers from Dallas on

My little girl's first baby doll was also made by Fisher Price. She is almost 5 now, and she still carries her around. :)



answers from Detroit on

my mom got my daughter one for her first christmas, it's corolle. best thing about's washable. she loves it. i'm not sure where my mom got it though, most likely online somewhere.

ETA: this is the one:



answers from Chicago on

I really liked the Little Mommy dolls for my daughter. They have some basic ones with soft bodies, and other's that coo (that are a little creepy, but the kids love 'em). They are very reasonably priced, too. Happy Birthday to your daughter!


answers from Minneapolis on

I make handmade cloth dolls that have all embroidered features. They are totally adorable, 15" tall and have removable clothing. You can message me if you'd like to see them. I have an Etsy site.


answers from Las Vegas on

I got my daughter the toddler Ariel doll from Target. Personally I'm not a big fan of the princesses and neither is my daughter really, but there isn't anything on them besides the box to suggest that it's them... in a nutshell it's universal. I got a little stroller and she takes the baby for a walk all the time... its soo cute. They also have our generation dolls that are pretty tall but you can buy furniture for them and clothes and a horse lol It's pretty neat.



answers from Detroit on

My girls love the My Twinn dolls. My 16 year old still has hers sitting on a chair in her room.



answers from Tulsa on

Baby Bjorn was the sturdiest, though she preferred the dolls with soft bodies.



answers from Chicago on

Fisher Price Little Mommy dolls were the big hit with both of my girls. they both got the twins for their 1st b-day, and those babies got a lot of love from their "mommy"!



answers from Eugene on

Grandma bought a Berenguer Doll for my 7 year old for Christmas and my one year old would not let her sister play with it. The little one loved it so much. Her big sister gave it to her and we then got the boy doll older one. I would of never bought $70 for a one year at the time. She has played with that doll and that doll only for over a year. She gets lots of comments like I thought that was a real baby. $70 is crazy to spend on a doll, but she been worth every penny. Lily goes every where and is part of our family. Every photo, there's Lily. She would be a great first birthday present. She would always have her. JC Toys online shipped the boy doll and were great.



answers from Kansas City on

My daughter LOVES the baby she got just after she turned 1. I think it's called a Little Mommy doll? It's made by Fisher Price (I think??) but I know that I've seen them in Target. They have plastic heads and limbs but the body is made of cloth. It looks like they are wearing little onsies. They usually come with a blanket and a hat. I'm pretty sure hers has a pink plastic hospital bracelet on the wrist too. She has carried it around for about 2 years now and she adores it. She's gotten other dolls but it is still her favorite. My BF's twins got these for their first birthdays as well and also carry them everywhere.

The Bitty Babies are way cute but I would spend less money especially on the first baby want to see how she really does with it.



answers from Detroit on

My daughter Ava 4 has always loved baby dolls!! Her fav is the little cheepie $5 babies with attached binkies form Meijers!! Their bodies are soft and perfect size to carry!!!



answers from Charlotte on


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