Best Diaper Bag for 16 Month Old and Newborn??

Updated on February 08, 2011
C.R. asks from Hebron, KY
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We are expecting again here in a few months and already have a 14 month old, who will be 16 months when the new baby comes along. We have a diaper bag already, but I know we will need a larger one once number two gets here. I don't mind backpack diaper bags (although I prefer totes), as long as they have the option to switch to a shoulder or strapped bag. I also want to it to be somewhat cute (not boyish or sporty) considering I'm having my second girl. I should also mention that when I have a newborn I tend to overpack.... I wish I was a minimalist, but I fear being out and not having what we need. I would REALLY appreciate any ideas from you fellow Mommas out there!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies SO much!!! I will probably go with the Vera Bradley diaper bag or the Ju Ju Be BFF bag :)

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answers from Columbus on

I have a petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack and LOVE it! They are pricey but high quality and will still look wonderful in a few years. I got the waterproof one, because it goes through everything. They can be a backpack or shoulder bag, they are huge, and I actually have people ask me where I got my bag(not knowing it is a diaper bag). They even have an easily accessible changing pad that unzips and folds right out. Good luck with baby number 2!

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answers from Richmond on

M experiences with actual diaper bags have been awful, they always rip/tear, the handles fall off, or the zipper breaks. Unless you're willing to spend big bucks, they're just not worth the price. I had a $50 diaper bag that ate it within 4 months!! I finally went to th mall about bought an awesome huge teal purse which I now use as a diaper bag... it's lasted over a year, I can throw it in the washer/dryer, and it only cost $20!!

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answers from Provo on

It can't switch from shoulder to strapped bag, but I love this bag

It usually is for cloth diapering, BUT I recomend it for everyone. It's great for newborns. . .well for any age that still has blowouts. It has a section for wet items so that you can put blow outs, bottles of liquids and such. No spills. I love Planet Wise products because they really don't leak. I've been cloth diapering for a while now, and I've never had a problem with leaks from their bags.



answers from Miami on

I have had so many diaper bags! Back packs are my favorite but what I absolutely HAVE to have is a light/white interior. I made the mistake of buying a cute diaper bag that had a black interior. I hated it because it made it so difficult to find anything inside of it. It's really better to overpack than to underpack, in my opinion. I like to be prepared even when it means packing a change of clothes for myself. Gosh, I can't tell you how many times I went out and wished I had another shirt with me for myself because of food splatter or spit up. Ugh. The best thing you can do is go to a store and "try them on" for size and style. There really are so many varieties and styles and price ranges. It's crazy really. My favorite is my Diaper Sac from Sears. Honestly I got it on clearance for $15.00; it is roomy, white inside, enough storage and compartments to fit my needs. On short trips, I like a smaller bag but for long excursions, I love my Diaper Sac.


answers from Raleigh on

Vera Bradley has a gorgeous LARGE diaper bag that would definitely hold all that you need. They also have totes of other sizes (if the diaper bag didn't work for you). My son always had a Vera diaper bag (poor boy)!


answers from Chicago on

I have one from Timi and Leslie that I got on Amazon.
SUPER cute and fashionable, as well as huge. It can hold the kitchen sink and then some.



answers from San Francisco on

I love my Ju Ju Be Between. Even though it looks on the smallest size; it holds an incredible amount of stuff. Ju Ju Be carries many different sizes and styles of bags. They even have matching wallets!



answers from Augusta on

I used a back pack when I needed one for two kids.
And really all you need to pack is a bottle ( if not bfing), 5 or 6 diapers for the baby , a second outfit for baby, changing pad, wipes, a couple of pacifiers and a couple of diapers for the toddler.

You don't need to pack your whole house up when you go to the mall.
Just remind yourself that you ARE going home and not moving out. And that you didn't really need EVERYTHING with your first did you? Not likely.



answers from Indianapolis on

Vera Bradley is wonderful!! I have 4 kids (all within 5 1/2 years). My first two were 17 months apart, then 3 years later my second 2 came a year apart....So I have done a lot of packing and hauling around for the past few years and I went through a few bags before I forked out the money for a Vera bag....But I must say it was so worth it! Also instead of hauling everything everywhere I always had a bag in the van with supplies (extra outfits, diapers, and other supplies) for just in case, just remember to change it for the right season :) These bags also are easy to keep your things organized! I am happy to say all mine are potty trained and we have moved on from the diaper bag, but I still cary a Vera Bag for other supplies needed for bigger kids :) (bandaids, snacks, and so forth) Best of luck! You will enjoy your kids being close in age!



answers from Cincinnati on

Since backpack is not your preferred style... I'll chime in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Vera Bradley diaper bag. Yup... it was a little more pricey. BUT, I have twin girls (and a 3.5 year old) and it fits all I need. Not to mention I cloth diaper... and those puppies take up some room let me tell you!

It comes in either a black or brown exterior. The outside is quilted microfiber the inside is a cute green and brown pattern that is WIPEABLE! The ENTIRE inside is waterproof. As well as the outside zippered pocket where the included changing pad is stored. There are several mesh pockets lining the inside in two different sizes. I have a place for everything.

On the outside, there is the zippered pocket and then two other outer pockets.

This bag is cute, stylish, holds everything and I LOVE it! I love it so much once I no longer need to carry a diaper bag I totally plan on using this for an overnight bag for myself!

I bought this bag when my girls were only a couple of months old. They are now 8 months. This bag has been stuffed under the stroller, hauled ALL over the place, thrown in the back of the car ... seriously been put through it's paces. And still looks FABULOUS! I highly recommend this bag.

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