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Updated on December 31, 2009
S. asks from Desoto, TX
11 answers

Hey moms,

Desperately need to upgrade my services. Which is best, Time Warner, Satellite or At&T?

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So What Happened?

Thanks..I think I'll try AT&T.

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answers from Dallas on

We have time warner and have had several difficulties. It was installed incorrectly. When we had them come back out to fix the problem, they wanted to charge us a fee. They did eventually fix the problem after the fouth visit. It is also difficult to get a knowledgable person on the phone. Hope this helps.


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I don't like Time Warner, they raise prices all the time and charge you for the stupidest things, we currently pay over 130 and we only have one box (dvr) and another tv hooked up with cable. And they might cut off FOX so if they do I will definately switch, I dont want to now cause of course there's a charge.

Hope it helps



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hands uverse is awesome!! we have had it for almost a yr and never any they run great deals and you can most always get some of the movie channels for free for short periods! we have tried twc and if the wind blows the wrong tv.



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We have DirecTV with 4 boxes and we pay $85. a month for basic they raise the prices alot also. When it rain, snow it goes out. I'm looking to switch also.


answers from Dallas on

We have a bundle with high speed internet through TWC. We've been pleased with the services we have.

We are not ones to record shows so the recording feature is not used.

We do sometimes order a movie and that works well.

I do realize TWC is negotiating with Fox 4 right now and Fox 4 is really doing well at spinning the negativity. It is just business and I feel strongly that they will not stop carrying Fox 4. Great negotiating tactic used by smart businesses.

Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

I used to have DirecTV and liked it (with tivo, of course!). But now we have ATT Uverse and I love it!! We can record up to 4 shows at once, which I thought we wouldn't really do, but if there are movies on that we want to see it comes in very handy! We changed to ATT b/c a lot of friends and neighbors have it and really liked it.

I wouldn't go with Charter. My inlaws have it and we all hate it! It freezes up a lot. And they now are on their 4th or 5th DVR box (within 1 year) b/c they keep having problems with it. And one of the repair guys who came out to their house said he replaces them all the time. They're waiting to change b/c supposedly ATT is coming to their neighborhood soon, but isn't available yet. If it doesn't come soon they're going to change to DirecTV.


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AT&T Uverse is great! And it doesn't go out when the weather is bad!



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FYI - Time Warner will not be carrying Fox (4 or 21)after the first of the year unless an agreement can be made with them.


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i am very happy with time warner cable


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AT&T UVerse!!! I have had OneSource (Keller), Charter and then Directv. Never really had problems with them EXCEPT when the weather was bad EVERY receiver went out and it was soooo fustrating. I now have UVERSE.

What I like about them is they are rated #1 for customer service. The service does not go out for bad weather! You can record 4 things at once and watch on any box. Stop in a show in one room and pick up in another.

NO CONTRACTS!! Wooo hoo. Also when you call them if you let the person know that heard about their "good Deal" from someone they will hook you up!

This is what I got. Highest Internet, All the works on the phone, and the BIGGEST tv package (the U-450; all movie channels etc!). 3 boxes and I only pay $99 a month. No extra charges for the extra boxes, or movie channels etc... just let them know that you were referred by someone and they had that deal and you want it too!





answers from Dallas on

At&t is the best! I miss it so much!! We had it when we lived in Dallas and now live in Plano and are stuck with Verizon. I would switch back to AT&T Uverse in a heartbeat if I could!

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