Best Credit Card for Points

Updated on December 16, 2011
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
6 answers

what is the best credit card out there to earn points? We typically have been paying our credit card statement off each month so looking for something to earn some points (goods)

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answers from Las Vegas on

I like Costco's AmEx card, but don't spend more than you can pay off. That interest is high!

You earn points from AmEx & Costco and they send you a check every year so you don't loose the points because they changed their plan.



answers from Los Angeles on

We use Chase Freedom. You get 1% on all purchases, and every three months, they have special "categories" that will let you earn extra points (I can't remember if it's 3% or 5%). You can trade these points in for credit off your statements, a check, or gift cards, if you are so inclined. I'm not organized enough to keep track of airline miles, so I really like how easy this is to keep track of.



answers from Los Angeles on

It really depends on what kind of points you want. Do you want something with a cash rebate? Travel rewards? Gas discounts? The Costco Amex is a pretty good deal for general points; you get back 1-3% cash at the end of the year, depending on different types of purchases.

For me, I like the Citibank American AAdvantage card, which gives me miles on American and their partner airlines. I love to travel, and this way, I can take big trips for free! Since getting the card in 1999, I have used free miles for three plane tickets to Europe and several to Hawaii.


answers from Boston on

I dont aim for huge rewards, i use my gap card on my monthly purchases and pay it off each month so I can get gap rewards to shop with every month :)



answers from Washington DC on

I have a discover card which I use for EVERYTHING to include some bills. The promotional 5% rotates between venders every qtr and you just sign up online. I pay my balance off on pay day EVEN if the bill is not due so that I don’t really incur any interest (which would defeat the purpose in earning rewards since the interest is higher than what I’d be earning back). I earned $500 this year alone and “cash in” for gift cards to various merchants that I usually give as gifts for special occasions ($20 in cash back awards = $25 gift card)



answers from Washington DC on

It depends what you want to get. We had a United Airlines card, but we rarely fly and points don't go far to purchase plane tickets anymore. So we closed the card and cashed in the points for amazon gift cards (I think). But I have a Marriott card. We are saving up for a vacation and this will actually help us a lot. We get one free night per year, and I travel for work so we are earning free nights. We can use it for long weekends locally or for bigger trips.

I add I also have a Nordstrom card and I like the points with that. I don't shop a lot but it usually enables me to get a few things everywhere and some points for Christmas shopping.

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