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Updated on July 01, 2009
S.B. asks from Hilliard, OH
8 answers

I am looking to buy a new crib. I want a convertible one so I can use it when the baby gets older. I also know that I do not want one that has adjustable rails. My daughter's crib did not move and I felt it was more sturdy that way. Her crib was okay but is a Jardine which have a ton of recalls (that goodness hers was not recalled) and it seemed cheaply made. Any suggestions on brand and where to buy would be appreciated.

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answers from Lafayette on

We have a Westwood and are big fans! You have to call them to see where they are sold.

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answers from Indianapolis on

We got Baby Italia and I swear it is the most sturdy piece of furniture in our house!! LOL



answers from Columbus on

Check out this website
I am very happy with our crib, very sturdy, and turns into a full size bed, so it was worth the investment.



answers from Fort Wayne on

A sturdy convertible crib is likely to be made of hardwood and cost around $500. that is a lot of money to invest into a frame that can be used for about 2 years as a crib and 2 years as a toddler bed. I suggest getting a cheaper crib for like $100, or less if used. Then transition into a twin bed. Put the twin bed against the wall, a guard rail on the opposite side and pillows-blankets on the floor in case they roll out.

They can probably use the twin until they are about 13, and that's worth the investment of $500. Then at that age you can get them a full or queen frame that they can use through high school and take with them when they move out.



answers from Columbus on

If you are really sure that you want a convertable and will use it I would hands down check out Amish Furniture makers. You are basicly assured that you will be able to buy side rails when the time comes and you get real wood and can customize the colors and match peices later on with relative ease. You may pay a little extra depending on what you want but it is well worth it if you plan on keeping it for a life time.



answers from Columbus on

Hi S.,

We have a convertible crib made by Simplicity for Children. It's a different finish but otherwise, just like this one:

It does not have a drop side which, at first, I sort of regretted but after all the recalls, I'm thankful we have.

It was one of the only convertibles I could find that came with toddler side rails. It also converts to a daybed and a full-size bed with head & footboard.

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

Do you mean convertible to a toddler bed or convertible to a full-size bed? We have a $70 crib from Ikea that we LOVE. It converts to a toddler bed and the rails don't drop, it's just close to the ground so it's easy to lean over and pick up the baby. There are just two levels it can be at and as soon as he could sit up on his own, we dropped the bed down to the low setting. As far as I'm seen, there has never been a recall on this crib and they've been making it for a while now. I figure, $$$ doesn't mean safe and I won't feel bad when we get rid of it since we didn't spend $500 for it.

Looks like it's $80 now:

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