Best Chew Toy for a Super-chewing Dog

Updated on May 20, 2011
C.B. asks from Oskaloosa, KS
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i need something SUPER durable, like darn near indestructible. this dog has SO much nervous energy, and we have been cooped up due to rain for three days, with more all weekend. those big rawhide bones (which i'm going to get a couple of, regardless) last her a couple hours. is there anything that will last a couple weeks? i don't mind spending $15 or $20 for one - AS LONG AS IT LASTS. HELP!!

thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

ok, thanks all! i broke down and got the Kong - i think the reason i didn't before was because of the price (yikes), but the more desperate you get, the less that matters lol. i got the black kong so hopefully she will not destroy that too quickly. i also got one of those coated bones, not rawhide but more natural. she is currently working on the yummy coating on that. once that is gone will be the real test. thank you all for your ideas - we got the kong, and next will be the nylabone (i was desperate, i didn't stay long after i wrote this, i went ahead to the pet store lol) and Ps, walmart has a crappy selection - and only knock-off Kongs, not real ones. boo walmart. thanks again!

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I have to agree with the Kong toys. We have a big chewer also, and she hasn't been able to destroy her Kong toy, OR her Nylabone. In fact, now that I think about it, she plays with the Nylabone more than the Kong toy. I was skeptical about getting the Nylabone because it didn't look like it would feel good in her mouth or be enticing to her, but apparently it is because she loves it. Pay attention to the packages; they'll tell you what kind of chewer the toy is meant for.

Also just the other day, my husband brought home from Walgreens a football-shaped dog toy. It's made of some kind of rubbery material and has a squeaker in it. I thought for sure she would chew it up in no time, but she hasn't been able to tear it. And it only cost $5 :)

Two of the reasons why rawhides are bad for dogs: they can chew off big chunks and either choke on them or swallow them and then have trouble digesting them; and many of them are treated with carcinogens like arsenic. Try a local feed store; they sometimes have treats for dogs that haven't been chemically treated.

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I have dachshunds, but they are the chewiest little things. Destroy toys in minutes.

I found hard, rubber toys last the longest. They can chew and pick and not destroy it. Go to Pet Smart, or another large pet supply company, and browse. Ask a sales associate for recommendations.

Too much rawhide is not good for dogs, according to me vet, so you do want to limit those.

Oh, and please send us some of your rain! It has not rained here in weeks.

God Bless

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The black kongs are durable and you can put treats inside for added fun. Jolly balls are pretty good too, some may chew the handle off though.

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Agree with the Denise's get a Kong we have a chewy puggle.

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Don't give her rawhide bones. We were told by the vet to stop giving them to our labs. I can't remember why. The kong toys are really tough and the nylabones are great. The rope toys are good. If your dog is big, get the huge one. Whatever you get read the packages. Some will indicate what kind of chewer they are recommended for.

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Starmark Fun Ball Dog Toy and Starmark Treat Ball for Dogs are available at Petsmart. They are the best toys for chewers I have found. We have a one year old Lab puppy. He has the unfortunate habit of chewing on and destroying things when he is bored. His favorite targets are my daughters toys, which does not go over well with my seven year old. (Lots of hysterics and tears when friends are destroyed.)

The fun ball and treat ball/block we bought are difficult enough he can't get the treats out easily. The rubber is soft and gives so he likes gnawing on the toys. The ball is great for playing fetch. We have had them four months and they show no signs of wear. He likes Kongs, we have 4, but he figures them out to quickly and leaves he doesn't chew on the empty toy.

J. N.

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I stuff our kong with peanut butter than freeze it and get it out when I need Boston to chill for a bit.

Kong toys or treat ball type toys that make them work to get the reward are good, it allows them to work out their nervous energy without injesting to much. Rawhides count for a large amount of exploratory surgeries, and cheaper brands are sometime riddled with chemicals. I am honestly surprised to see them so prevalent in this day and age.

I have heard deer antlers are great, but do not know how they stack up to a aggreessive chewer. Bully sticks are popular, but mine dog just slimes it up then leaves it, gross. If you can get over what is it is great subsitute for raw hides. But anything digestible needs to be limited.

Good luck, I know how hard it can be to keep dogs entertained with that much energy.

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I also broke down and bought the Kong and like it, however it seems to be a really slobery toy, which I don't like. My favorite purchase is $1 rope from Target. It's about 8-10 inches long and can be used to play tug of war or just as a chewing toy for your dog. My lab LOVES them. They're so cheap I have one inside and one outside for him. As soon as he starts to shred them I buy a new one, but they usually last about 6 months.



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Our dogs go through rawhides in nothing flat. Rope toys last longer.



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Kongs are good, but we also invested in these toys, I really can't remember the name of them, but they are numbered from like 1-10 or something in durability. They are expensive, but this last one (I think is an 8 or 9) actually held up against our dog! Also, we get these giant cow legs from the pet store and they are kind of gross, but they keep our dog occupied for hours and days! We usually get him one on Christmas b/c we're out of the house all day and he loves it!

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