Best Car Seat for 2-Year Old

Updated on April 17, 2009
K.A. asks from Dallas, TX
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My son is 2 and right at 30lbs. He is cureently in the Britax Roundabout, but might be more comfortable in the next step up. What is the safest/best car seat for him? We don't care about price when it comes to safety. Thanks!

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Have you heard of the Recaro company?
I saw a news story on them. They design baby and child car seats, but they also design seats for people who drive for a living like race car drivers, bus drivers, etc. They extensively study the safety AND comfort of the the people who ride in their seats.

We have not had to buy a new seat since learning about Recaro, but I was so impressed with this company that my husband and I said we'd probably buy one of their seats next. They ARE pricey, though!

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I was recently researching carseats, as I needed new ones for an infant & a three year old. was an invaluable source! After days & days of reading the forum there and checking out different seats, we decided to go with the SafeGuard Child Seat (not the Safeguard Go booster) for our three year old. So far so good, but head slump has been an issue when she's sleeping. We couldn't find anyone local who had one to try, but as much reading as I'd done, I was sold on its safety features; the site from which I ordered it ( has a five dollar return policy, though, so we opted for that incase we needed it.

We chose the Britax Boulevard for the baby. We looked at the Recaro, as someone else suggested. It really is an awesome seat & I would have chosen it for the baby, but read from other owners that it's a bit tight for chunky kids & my baby is proving to be a bit of a nugget.

I didn't worry about getting one that converts to a booster for the 3 year old, as I figure by the time she's big enough for a booster, there will have been more safety innovations.

Please do check out the link. You'll find reviews, knowledgeable carseat techs, safety suggestions, pictures, info about what seats work in wehich cars, all kinds of info to help you make the right decision!

I think is having a pretty good sale on their older Britax models at the moment.



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I won't ever buy anything but a Britax! We've had 4 of them due to different cars, grandparents, and growth, and STILL use them all for nephews and visitors!

You can't go wrong with their safety, comfort, and ease of washing! (I have one cover in the washer as we speak!)

My very tall 4.5 yr old still sits in a 5 harness seat, even though her friends all sit in boosters! I want her safe and secure, and because she's comfortable and knows no different - she doesn't mind at all!

Good Luck!!



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We have the Marathon for both our 3 year old (who if very tall) and 2 year old. We love them!



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britax boulevard, i always take mine straight from the infant seats to the boulevard. my oldest(6.5) is still in a britax 5 point harness seat(regent). we have been unfortunate enough to test out the boulevard in a high speed rollover collision, they work very well!



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Hi K.-

I would also suggest the Britax Blvd. I found that they are the best and the carseat doesn't move an inch if it is installed correctly. My child's safety is the most important thing to me ever since we were both in a head on collison when he was 6 1/2 months old. Good Luck with your search.

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