Best Bunk Bed for Small Room?

Updated on May 19, 2010
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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Our children share a tiny room (we have a crib with built in changing table, a toddler bed, a small rocking recliner and an end table and that is all there is room for in there....

In the event that they outgrow their crib/toddler mattresses before we add on, I'd like to get them a bunk bed. I actually prefer for them to just share a room but a bunk bed is also an idea. What one did you find that worked best for a small room?

Is there much difference in a metal versus wood? I would think that the wood would OBVIOUSLY be more sturdy....I'd like this bunk to be something that one of them could take to their next room as their bed (and have an extra bed for friends).

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answers from Joplin on

My daughters share a very small room. and It seems they grew out of bunk beds quicker than I thought they would. Like, they loved the whole "I want to be on top," to "i dont want to get on top. So, Now we have a trundle bed. where one of the beds rolls under. so it makes for more room. just a thought.

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answers from Augusta on

check walmart. they have a set that can also be broken down into seperate twin beds in the event they don't share a room in the future you don't have to buy them new beds.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We have the "Reversible Bed" from Ikea. LOVE IT. So versatile. And has a really cool starry night bed tent! Keep in mind when you are looking at it, that although it is pictured as a bed on top OR bottom, we have a mattress on both top AND bottom. But you still have the other options as well, which is why we like it so much. Plus, the top bunk is not as high as traditional bunks, which is better for younger kids. The only thing we added, were handles on the ladder, for easier grip when climbing.

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from Mansfield on

I think wood is safer/more stable and lasts longer then the metal ones. The metal beds are made to be light so they are not very durable. They can tip too if the children are being over rambunctious. My sister had one in her young teen years and to top just didn't seem safe and sturdy at all!
We bought bunks when youngest grew out of crib... but seperated the 2 twin beds for awhile. Oldest is 6 and requested the beds be put together. I agreed because it gave us alot more floor space. They love it! We set rules about the beds and serious consciences if not followed. They know them and haven't tried to push their luck yet so I feel they are safe. Also when my husband assembled the beds....... he put the railings on the top bunk up alittle higher than where the predrilled holes indicated. So the rail is pretty high. If it were a metal prefab bed- you couldn't do that!
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answers from Tulsa on

I am not a fan of bunk beds, my best friend from Jr. High through...well life long...lost a son in a bunk bed accident. He was in elementary school and fell off the top bunk and died. Please consider other options. They can sleep in toddler beds untill they are too long and they are safe for little ones. If you need to then just get them a full size bed.



answers from Boston on

In a small room I would have to say a bunk bed that has the drawers underneath. This will save on space because you can eliminate a bureau.


answers from Topeka on

We have a wood bunk bed. It is very sturdy and still fits in the small space of their room. The top bunk has rails all the way around so no one will fall out while sleeping.



answers from Houston on

I just made a loft bed - cost me about $50 in lumber, the baby bed can go underneath it and my son loves it - although I would be happy with him in a high bed until now (he is 7 ) I think toddlers may be dangerous that high.



answers from Wichita on

My 4 yo DS got a metal bunk bed for his birthday and loves it. It is a very study design, not the cheap style. It Is a twin over full, so it can easilt sleep 3 people. Right now he still sleeps on the bottom, so we use the top for playing in his clubhouse and at night to store stuff. There is also alot of room under it for storage. I keep his old toddler mattress under there to pull out if we need an extra bed. Definatly look at the frame before you buy. You will know if it can stand up to your kids.

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