Best Breakfast to Loose Weight

Updated on February 23, 2012
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
24 answers

I would love to loose a few pounds and I recently realized I don't really eat breakfast or most days I don't. What is the best way to start your day that gives you energy and helps with weight reduction.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Something with protein. No bread and no sugar. Also, real oatmeal is always good (slow cooking oatmeal or steel cut oats).

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answers from St. Louis on

Protein and fiber stay with you and you will be less hungry and less likely to overeat later in the day.

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answers from Minneapolis on

1 egg, 1 egg white with some cheddar cheese and half a grapefruit. It's balanced and the protein will give you the energy.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Here's some things I eat for breakfast:
Plain oatmeal with some raisins/fruit mixed in
Hardboiled egg and greek yogurt or a fruit
breakfast burrito - I scramble an egg with some peppers and mix in some salsa while it's cooking and put it in a corn tortilla
Kashi cereal

I also have my one cup of coffee with it and a little bit of creamer. I usually eat around 300 calories for breakfast.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Eggs or greek yogurt. Eat some protein. It lasts and usually is low cal and low fat and low carb. It's all the OTHER stuff people eat with the eggs or yogurt that are problematic.... the cheese, the bread, the greasy bacon/sausage, the syrupy "dessert" yogurts (instead of a greek one).

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answers from New York on

According to nutritionist information having some kind of protein is great for getting a kick start. Also drinking great quantities of water first thing in the morning also help to get your motor going and weight begins to fall off. I love the idea of a protein shake.

Getting your protein from a vegetable source is better than from a animal source. It digests differently. Also increasing our fiber intake will be helpful too.

I tried Robin Anthony's Renu Herbs Detox Trio and it was very helpful at increasing my energy level and shedding pounds. The two liquids taste horrible but work and the colon cleansing pill was great at keeping me more regular than ever. Some of my "belly fat" wasn't fat at all but backed up fecal matter. Sorry for the TMI. but it was. My stomach went way down when I was using those products consistently. I have since made some more permanent changes to my diet to have it be more balanced and it it helping me shed my middle which is a nice side affect.

I hope this helps. I typically eat last night's dinner for breakfast or oatmeal and then go for a brisk walk to get everything started.


answers from Dallas on

I do a green protein smoothie.



answers from Los Angeles on

2 eggs. Just read an article on this!



answers from Philadelphia on

I drink a protein shake every morning.
1 cup of skim milk
1 banana or 5 strawberries
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
1 teaspoon of coco (less than 10 calories)
3 ice cubes
Put it in the blender. FYI... Look into getting a magic bullet


answers from Houston on

Breakfast is most important! Start off the day with a whole grain , a lean protein and fresh fruit..... Make it around 350 calories at least ( but don't go over 5. Eat with a glass of water.


answers from Dallas on

My sister swears that eating a bowl of oatmeal helps her and she has lost quite a bit of weight. She gets the instant oatmeal that is labeled weight control or something like that. Of course she doesn't load it up with sugar and all that. I thought about doing it as well but maybe add some fresh fruit to it.



answers from Boston on

Cottage cheese, pear and green tea. Or an egg white and ww toast.


answers from Chicago on

Chobani yogurt with a handful of raw nuts.


answers from San Francisco on

I realize I'm flying in the face of conventional wisdom here, but for me, eating breakfast causes me to gain weight. I know all the arguments for eating breakfast, but the practical reality of it is that for me, it's extra calories, which equals weight gain. For me, the best breakfast is 3 big cups of coffee! :)



answers from Houston on

One slice of REAL 100% whole wheat bread (you'll find it in the health section or the bakery - stuff in the bread aisle typically won't cut it - the loaf should have some weight to it). I like it lightly toasted.

Smear with two to four tablespoons of peanut butter (four tablespoons is a serving, but may be too calorie-dense - I don't typically measure)

Top with a sliced banana

Filling and healthy - good fats, protein, whole grains, sugar from fruit. When I'm not pregnant, it really sticks with me and will carry me to lunch.


answers from Richmond on

I can't eat a big breakfast for some reason, I have no appetite in the morning.

However, eating SOMETHING actually HELPS you lose weight, since it kick starts your metabolism.

Some of my favorites are:

1 fried egg white on 1/2 piece of toast (with or without cheese, usually with because cheese is my weakness)

1/2 honey whole wheat bagel, toasted, with a little bit of cream cheese

those new Beltiva breakfast crackers (in the cookie aisle, they come 4 to a pack but my son always steals one)

a piece of fruit and/or a small bowl of yogurt, which I have to force myself to eat because I hate yogurt (the greek kind isn't terrible, never been a fan of yogurt)

piece of buttered toast sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar



answers from Spartanburg on

A filling one! This is a kind of dorky saying but "Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, Dinner like a pauper." It probably has everything to do with your body and activity level but eating a big breakfast is an absolute must for me to feel good and just plain function without being a
b*#ch in the mornings...I eat a lot of oatmeal (or hearty cereal) and fruit and make sure I have a good protein (at least milk) often I will eat the meat leftover from dinner the night before, wierd I know, it's a habit from pregnancy. SO for me to maintain my good wieght, I eat a big breakfast with foods as close to whole as I can get and make sure to include protein. I also drink a glass of water when I first get up and another glass with breakfast, then I move on to my coffee.


answers from Dallas on

Oatmeal is great, but I usually don't have time.

I almost always drink No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast Drinks made with skim milk. I love them! The vanilla and the chocolate are both good, and I stay full until lunch. :)


answers from Milwaukee on

To get out the door I have a can of Wal Mart "Slimfast." I drink that just to get my vitamins washed down and have some oatmeal an hour or two later when I can actually sit and enjoy it.

I frontload my eating. I eat more in the morning/early afternoon and taper off. It's woked really well. I've lost almost 40 pounds since October.


answers from Los Angeles on

I eat Greek Yogurt (less sugar and healthier), a drizzle of honey and almonds.


answers from Rochester on

A good cereal or oatmeal, a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter, an egg or two, yogurt, fruits, water, coffee...not all at once, of course, although that sounds like a good breakfast to me. :)


answers from Rockford on

One of my favorite bkfst (and pretty quick and easy)

1 turkey sausage patty
1 egg or egg white
1 whole grain english muffin
1 piece of cheese (would be healthier w/out, but I do love cheese!)

I scramble the egg and add Mrs. Dash for flavor, let scramble into a patty, and while still in pan, but a slice of cheese or sprinkle some low fat cheese, I also warm the sausage in the micro, then put in pan w/ egg while cheese melts. This is really filling and not too bad on calories (probably higher than some healthy eaters would allow, but it's yummy!)

I'll have to see how many calories next time I make it!! :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Protein gets your metabolism going.


answers from Philadelphia on

-greek yogurt with fiber cereal mixed in is my favorite sometiems fruit mixed in too or fiber cereal with dried ruit
-egg whites with veggies
-plain oatmeal

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