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Updated on August 03, 2011
K.S. asks from New York, NY
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I exclusively breastfeed and I am returning to work in a month .I only work part time night shift as a nurse so my husband won't have to give TOO MANY bottles. However, My 7 week old does not do well with the bottle. My first child was supplemented and did just fine with dr. browns bottles and born free bottles. I have tried both these brands on him as well as the playtex bottle with the bent top and he did not care for any. I heard the Playtex drop ins have been recommended by Lactation consultants because of the negative pressure and the similiartiy to breast feeding??? Thanks...

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answers from New York on

My older daughter liked the Playtex Drop-ins. My younger daughter had a more difficult time accepting the bottle. She ended up liking the Tommee Tippee bottles best. I was ready to give up on the bottle with her but one day, around 6 months, she finally just got it.

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answers from Detroit on

Both of my babies only used the Playtex drop ins with the natural - brown - nipples. I didn't introduce a bottle to both of them until 2 weeks before I returned to work (1st at 4 mos; 2nd at 6 mos) Good luck!

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answers from New York on

It's been 12 years since I was a working and pumping mom but I always used Avent bottles.


answers from Pittsburgh on

My son used the Playtex Drop-ins, and had zero difficulty going back and forth from breast to bottle. I plan to breastfeed our next baby, and plan to try these again!



answers from Des Moines on

Isaac started on the first years Breastflow bottles but around 3 months he quit taking them and we switched to the Gerber Nuk bottles. It doesn't seem unusual to have to make a bottle change around 3-4 months...



answers from Detroit on

You can try the First Years Breastflow bottle. It is shaped like a real nipple and boob. I call it the boobie bottle it makes me laugh.



answers from Syracuse on

Both of my kids started out with the Playtex drop ins and brown nipple (it's actually for breastfed babies). I loved them, no leaks & easy to clean. Neither of my kids had a problem with them. It may take a little time for your 7 month old to get used to but I think this bottle is your best best.



answers from New York on

i used an awesome bottle from a company called adiri. i looked for them recently to give as a gift to another breastfeeding mom but had a hard time locating them only to find out they went out of business. amazon still carries them and it's worth a try. my little girl is now 3 and soley used these bottles after a year of nursing. hope this helps.



answers from New York on

I tried every different nipple for Dr. Browns & Avent with my 3, but it wasn't the bottles themselves, it was the process of getting them used to the idea of bottles.
- My first hated them, but my husband gave him one every evening starting at 6 weeks and they finally got the hang of it around 12 weeks.
- I started with my second at 15 weeks, right before he started daycare, and he figured it out AT daycare - he had to if he wanted to eat.
- I quit work when my 3rd came. We tried bottles on and off, but she never took to them.
My experience has been that babies prefer breastfeeding, but with consistency they'll eventually begin to bottle feed.
You may find that your baby will wait for you to come home and have a huge meal. You may also find him starting to sleep through the night (my daughter started sleeping from 11-5 at just a few weeks old!)
Good luck - it's a long process.



answers from San Francisco on

The best bottle that I know of is the adiri bottle. Its pricey, but worth it---it looks similar to a breast and great flow options because baby does all the work like breastfeeding. GL


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