Best Bottle for Breast Milk ?

Updated on June 27, 2010
S.B. asks from Gainesville, FL
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I have made the decision to pump and bottle feed instead of breastfeed, so that my baby can still have breast milk. I have to go back to work and school soon and unfortunately this is going to be the easiest way. Right now the bottle I use seems to give her SO much gas....I know babies need to be burped after each feeding but she seems to be in horrible pain after each feeding, crying and straining her back ( which makes it hard to burp her ) until she passes one out one end or the other. I do believe the bottle I am using is a huge cause of it and want to go buy some different ones. So what do you ladies use?

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answers from St. Louis on

I love Dr. Browns and swear by them I did the same thing you did for awhile I pumped my milk and I too tried different bottles and my son was very fussy until we got the Dr. Browns. Good Luck hope this helps :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I use Avent bottles, they seem to work for my son. You can actually see all the bubbles left inside the bottle at the end of the feeding. I also used Born Free bottles and they seem to work well. I heard Dr. Brown works too but there are too many parts to wash and I am sort of lazy about that.

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answers from Gainesville on

I love the Playtex nurser with the brown (latex) nipple. It is very similar to the breast. It was a life-saver with my first when I had to pump for the first 12 weeks for him and try to get him to learn to breastfeed (he was a preemie).

Also, if you can, it would be great to let her nurse on the weekends and at night to help keep your supply up. And it will help you get more sleep by just being able to feed her at night and go right back to sleep rather than pumping and having to clean everything before you can get back to sleep.

Also, if you don't have them invest in the Medela Steam Clean bags. They are amazing! Makes cleaning/sterilizing the pump parts soooo easy! And you can use each bag 20 times so they are very cost effective when you factor in all the time you save.

Make sure you have a good quality double electric pump like a Medela pump in style. I can't tell you how worth the money it is. I used it round the clock those first 12 weeks. It is a work-horse.

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answers from Houston on

I used Avent bottles and nipples for my daughter. In fact, she was perfectly happy with the stage one nipple for the entire year that she used a bottle. I pumped while at work and nursed her when we were together in order to keep my supply at its maximum. If you haven't already, try burping her mid-way through the bottle.

From reading your previous posts, it appears that your daughter is just a few weeks old. Her digestive system is still developing. You might consider eliminating dairy from your diet. It takes at least two weeks from the protein to clear from your system, so don't expect results before that.

Another thing to keep in mind, a pump is estimated to only get about 60% of what your breast has to offer in the best case scenario. This makes it really easy to get an imbalance of foremilk and hindmilk. An excess of foremilk will make your baby gassier and uncomfortable. I noticed that the longer I pumped, the better the balance got.

Anyway...more than you really asked for, but things that I wish that I had knew at the time I was going through it.

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answers from Columbus on

We used Avent. LOVE them and did great for my son and daughter. We will be using them again on our 3rd due in November.

Congratulations on your new baby.

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answers from Phoenix on

I used Vent-Aire Advanced bottles with my daughter, but have also had good luck with the Dr. Brown's bottles for unusually gassy babies. I would not recommend the Tommee Tippee bottles. While they look great, they cause a LOT of bubbles, which will only make the gassiness worse. Each child is different however, so I would buy one of a few different kinds and just try them to see what your daughter does best with. Also, you might want to try using Mylicon gas drops or a gripe water (I love Wellement's Organic Gripe Water) to help ease her gas. Good luck!

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answers from Tampa on

hi, i used to use either the dr. brown bottle system, or the "playtex drop-ins" (have to squeeze the air out.), used to work well for my son.



answers from Atlanta on

We've used BreastFlow by First Years since my son was 4 months old and they work great.



answers from Honolulu on

with my son, whom I breastfed... I used the "MAM" brand bottles/nipples. From Amazon. and just put in the search word "MAM bottles."
GREAT bottles and it is BPA free.
I REALLY love these bottles.
And, no air bubbles accumulates in the bottle as they drink.
I highly recommend it.

Next, your baby seems to have gas and gas pains. Use Mylicon infant gas drops. It helps a lot.
I REALLY recommend the infant gas drops. You can get it at any drug store.
My daughter as a baby, had gas problems. She RARELY burped or farted... although I did burp her.



answers from Miami on

We Use the bpa free bottles and the curved ones or dr brown



answers from Minneapolis on

We have used playtex with inserts for all three of our kids. We have had huge success with them. If you think they are expensive we re-use our inserts many times so it really isn't too costly.


answers from Fresno on

We used the Playtex Ventaire bottles, and they seemed to greatly reduce the amount of air that the baby swallowed. They were not that expensive either, which was nice. (We tried the Avent bottles first - those didn't work out so well for us as they seemed to get a lot of bubbles in them.)



answers from Melbourne on

Try Dr. Browns Natural Flow, make sure they are BPA free.



answers from Boston on

I use the Playtex ones with the drop ins. After you make up the formula you push out the extra air before you give it to your baby. We've never had any problems. The only pain is that you had to keep buying the inserts.



answers from Daytona Beach on

Dr. Brown is the only way to go.



answers from Miami on

She is in pain because the nipple is not going to the back of her throat like the natural breast. The more upfront in the mouth that the nipple is, it interferes with suck, swallow, breathe reflex. This can cause problems in speech and oral motor development later on because the pattern is being set up now. Look online and see if you can find a looonnggg nipple used in Europe. I don't know if they sell them here. The other choice is to breastfeed which is great if you can. It also sets up visual development by blocking out out one eye as she eats, called binocular vision.



answers from Miami on

just a heads up that if she is crying after each feeding and arching her back- those are two big red flags for acid reflux. happened to us. just a thought- it might not be the bottles. i dont pump but i have heard that the breast flow bottles are the closest to a real breast.



answers from Miami on

For breast milk I used the old-fashioned glass bottles. Depending on age, a small nipple for newborn, and consider the Playtex nipple, as it resembles the natural nipple.
Could be something in your diet that doesn't agree with you either.
Best wishes and blessings on your new baby

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