Best Bibs for Introducing Solid Food to 6 Month Old Babies

Updated on August 18, 2008
A.T. asks from Lake Oswego, OR
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HI, I have started my 6 month old twins on solid foods. Their Carter dribble bibs are taking a beating with stains from foods like prunes. Can anyone recommend bibs that resist stains & are best for 6 month olds? People have recommended BabyBjorn Soft bibs & Kiddopatumus bibs, but they seem to be fore 12month & older children. I need EASY CLEANING, NO STAINS.


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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's advice. I purchased two bibs by Built NY & am SO IN LOVE!!! Material is similar to wetsuits, cleans easily with a rinse under water, absorbs like crazy & has a catch pouch for dropped food. Heaven. I am giving my cloth bibs backed with waterproof material to anyone who will take them. Not worth my time scrubbing out food!

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While I do not have a recommendation on the types of bibs you are seeking, I wonder...are these your first babies? I mean no disrespect, here. But stains are really really really going to happen...A LOT. Bibs seem a logical place to have stains. Then comes your bra (from their juice flinging fit soaking through your blouse), your couch arms and cushions, the backs of your front carseats, all the rest of your car interior surfaces, your house carpets, your bathtubs, your sinks and even your own underwear (ever sat on a PB&J or a buttery grill cheese sandwich? -- the stain soaks through).

Anyway, I get the need for clean and neat. But if you fail, remember that is what is supposed to happen. Kids are freakin' messy. And fun! Oh, and my stepson's feeding specialist told us that you should allow kids to be as messy as they want while eating (yes, play with your food) because it makes them more adventurous about eating new foods and they are less picky in the long run. So consider a big bleachable towel with a hole cut for the head. Worked for us.



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We have used "iPlay" we have both plastic and water resistant cloth. My son is 18 months now and still using the same bibs. They come in a couple of sizes and a ton of colors. I bought them at Burlington Coat factory. Was there today and got some for my niece so they still have them.



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hi, A....

how are you doing? just wanted to add my two cents! we love the bumpkins fact, i wish we would have found them much earlier. i found a discontinued 3 pack on the internet and thought i'd try it and i am so happy that we did. for the last year, we've only used the three bibs...they are made out of the same material that the company uses to make their diaper covers, so they don't get stains, are waterproof and easy to clean up. you can just use a wipe to clean up the mess or wash them in the sink or in the washing machine! i highly recommend them...i'm not sure what we'd do without them! i hope that helps!



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Hi A. -
We looove our bibs we got for our 3 yo when he started eating foods: terry on top, and a thin, plastic layer underneath. They repel all stains (no kidding), and we're still using them today... (with our 3 yo AND 1 yo!)

Wal-Mart 10-pack. Cheap, easy, and we bought enough to always have a "fresh one" handy.

I also have a set of two "Kipiis" that are perfect for traveling and restaurants. They are a cute, rubber version of the metal clips your dentist uses to clip the paper bib around your neck: so you can turn any restaurant napkin (paper or cloth) into an instant bib. And you don't have to carry around a dirty bib afterwards.


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I don't use cloth bibs anymore for that very reason. They have plastic bibs that are sold in 2 or 3 packs and they are large with pockets on the bottom. All you have to do is wipe them off when the babies are done eating. It's fantastic I think! :)

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