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Updated on December 30, 2013
K.J. asks from Lehi, UT
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Baby #3 will be arriving soon and I'm looking into carrier/sling options. I've really only ever used a Baby Bjorn. It was ok, but I felt like it was really hard on my back and also too warm to wear, especially in the summer. I'm looking for something that's comfortable and easy to use. Which ones do you like best? Pros? Cons? Thanks in advance mamas!

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answers from Portland on

I wore my son in a bjorn until he was old enough for a larger carrier.

We chose the Beco carrier because my husband and I are a foot apart in height and we wanted one carrier which could be adjusted easily between us. The Ergo fits for the wearer's 'size' , which would have meant buying two for us. I thought the Beco was good at accommodating us both.

We used this carrier until Kiddo was nearly three.

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answers from Phoenix on

I love the Moby for newborns and the Ergo for post 3 months

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answers from Los Angeles on

I went through a lot of types and brands of slings. Indubitably, the best one was Baby Bjorn.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I had 2 favorites.
I had a mesh ring sling that was great because it was light and cool. I even wore it in the pool with the baby in it, because it would dry so fast. It is also very simple to get on and off. It only takes about 2 seconds.

When I really wanted to be totally hands-free (because I usually had one hand on the baby steadying him in the ring sling), or if I was going to be wearing for a longer timethen I went with a moby-type wrap. I say moby-type, because I looked online and you can find easy, no-sew, instructions to make them. I made two of them, both jersey knit materials. One a heavier jersy for winter, and one a light, almost t-shirt material for summer. In this typie of wrap, the baby can face in (as a newborn) or out (once he wants to look around), and the way it wraps around you, it spreads the weight around so it's easier on your back. The only downside is that it takes some practice to get used to putting it on. Once you figure it out, you'll love it.

You might google baby-wearing groups in your area. The best thing I did was find a group close to wear I am. I went to one of their meetings. They all had their slings and carriers with them and let me try them on - with the baby! - to see what both the baby and I liked. They really gave me great advice.


answers from San Diego on

My favorite is the unpadded Maya Wrap ring sling. So versatile and not to hot during the summer. I actually had quite a few ring slings in a few material weights. I always preferred the Maya Wrap because it had the pocket on the tail. I got mine at a resale shop. Looking at the size chart I was on the cusp of the medium or large because of my height. The one I got happened to be a large and I'm glad I ended up with the bigger size because it gave me the extra I needed to wear long term without the extra getting in my way.
I had a front carrier similar to a Baby Bjorn, only a different brand, and I hated it. I only used it 2 or 3 times with my first. I was convinced into buying it by a friend. I changed to the ring sling and never looked back. 3 kids later it was by far my favorite.
Ring slings are so easy to use and so easy to switch your carry without even having to stop. I could nurse in it while I kept about my day. We go to Disneyland a lot, we have annual passes. I because a pro at nursing my youngest in the sling, get on to a ride without stopping, finish up in the ride with her falling asleep quite often, then getting off without disturbing her at all. All that while being completely discrete and not showing any extra skin whatsoever. Of course it took a little practice, didn't happen over night and she as my third after all ;)
I found the others to be far too fiddly and not as easy to get on and off. I didn't want something I needed a second person to help me with.

ETA: This site has a lot of information about carriers and baby wearing and has a comparison chart.



answers from Chicago on

I love my ring sling and my beco. The beco was worth every penny.



answers from Chicago on

Ergo baby!.. My 2 year old loves it.. we go hiking , zoo etc.. with it.



answers from Harrisburg on

I second Zelda girl, my thoughts exactly. I still use my ergo for 2 yo ds & 3 yr dd. the ergo allows front, side and back wear. Don't let the cost scare you away they are worth every penny. You can find used at secind hand shops, CL or ebay. Baby bjorn and similar styles hold lo in an unnatural position and can cause hip issues. They also are nick named " crotch danglers" as all the weight is on baby's crotch. They are not comfortable for parents either.

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