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Updated on November 16, 2010
L.C. asks from Duluth, MN
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HI all,
I have a 3 year old and a 2.5 month old- I have come to realize I really need a new baby carrier to get some stuff done. What is the best baby carrier- easy to put on and comfortable to wear?

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answers from Boise on

ERGO!! Soooo comfortable, and soo easy to put on and take off. They can only face you, but if they don't know the alternative, there is no issue there.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a Baby Bjorn which I used, barely, with my first son and after my second I decided to do research on a sling. From my research I came down to the Moby and the Baby K'tan. With the Moby there seemed to be a lot of tying and wrapping. I knew already having a 4 yr old to watch while I was trying to sling this thing around my body and some how hold the baby and tie him in it would just be too much for me so decided to go with the Baby K'tan.

I love the K'tan because of its comfort and ease of use. There is no tying and I can get baby in, in less than 30 seconds. He seems happy and has enjoyed the many different positions and it has made me hands free to also watch over my 4 year old.

I did do a comparison once because I was curious, and I took a walk in my Bjorn and one in my K'tan. Comfort was the issue and I immediately felt the strain on my shoulders and back with the Bjorn. I never put it back on.



answers from Denver on

Love, love, love my mei tai carrier. Bought in on etsy can send you the lady's info if interested. It is super comfy to wear and folds so compact to fit in diaper bag. Great for newbies as well as toddlers.



answers from Boston on

I had a sling for my infant as well as a baby bjorn. Both were very easy to put on and put the baby in. In the Bjorn they can only sit (forward or backward facing), but in the sling the baby can lay dow or sit up facing either way. I LOVED the sling. I could even nurse in it while I was taking a walk, so I got a lot done. I have even cooked with baby in sling and just moved her onto my hip behind my arm, sort of on my back. If you google "baby sling" there are many makers. There is one called Maya Wrap that has beautiful materials. Mine was from the Laleche league in a plain blue print to my husband could use it as well. My daugther was born early and with colic and I ended up carrying her in the sling for months. Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

I just bought a kokopax, and really love it. Started using it when my baby was just under 4 months old. it says to wait till 6 months but i felt like she was ready. I would stuff a blanket around her. i also have an ergo but I get too hot with her actually on me during the summer. I also have a 2 yr. old who weighs 34lbs and i can comfortably carry her in it too.



answers from Dallas on

My favorite was/is Baby K'Tan easy once you try it and super washable and very cozy and comfortable, we got comments and admiration everywhere. I was the same way, a 3.5 year old and a new born and I'm sitting there thinking; how do you get grocery shopping etc. done? It also ended up being a lifesaver because I had a car seat screamer. As soon as he went in the crying started and lasted until he got out, I couldn't even put him in the stroller. As far as sizing goes, definitely go by their website and ask them if you have a question, they're VERY helpful.



answers from Dallas on

I have the ERGO Baby carrier and absolutely love it. It is well worth the money. I bought mine when my son was 4 months old and used it 4-5 times a week, he is how 15 months and I carry him on my back with it at least once a month (he is walking and really only uses it when he is tired). Well work the money.



answers from Philadelphia on

Love, love, love by Baby Bjorn!!! Very comfy, the baby can face in when an infant and out when a bit older. My daughter would spend all her time there if I let her!!


answers from Santa Fe on

I've tried a bunch of different carriers and I like the ERGO carrier best. Good luck w whatever you choose!

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