Best Baby Bottle...with Few Parts

Updated on May 03, 2011
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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We currently use Dr. Browns bottle for my 5 month old, yet I am so tired of all of the parts and hate the fact that you have to touch the innards when filling it up. Yuck...more germs. Anyway, I have also tried Born Free, again too many pieces, and I am also not a fan of the Avent bottles I tried w my oldest. Glass is also out since my daughter is just starting to hold her own bottle.

SO, any suggestions of good bottles that have few parts and are BPA free? Maybe they just do not exist. Has anyone tried green to go bottles?

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answers from Denver on

I love the Playtex drop-ins system. Super easy to clean, and my babies took to them better than anything else!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The best bottles I ever used were the totally basic Gerber bottles. And we tried a ton.
I think they have tinted ones (colors) that are BPA free.

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answers from Chicago on

With my third I used the Playtex drop-ins - they were BPA free and easy to clean (in my opinion). They felt a little wasteful, but they sure were convenient, which was essential for me at the time.

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answers from Pittsfield on

Ditto the Playtex Drop-in System :)


answers from Provo on

Ugh I hated the Playtex Drop-in's and how much it wastes and you have to buy more of the stupid liners. I did LOVE the the Playtex Advent. There were the bottle, nipple, nipple holder thing, and the base. Super easy to use, clean (both ends opened up so that the bottle cleaner can actually do it's job) They aren't super expensive, and I love the fact they have a wide nipple and a smaller nipple. My son loved the wide nipple.
The gerber bottles, I hated. The Evenflo bottles broke super easily, I tried glass and you can get a rubber grip on the so if they drop the have a cushion, but yeah they are heavier.
**Oh people claim they leak, but you just have to make sure the nipple is in right, and make sure there is no water in the threads of the bottle. If water is in where the bottle and top screw together, then it will leak the water that is in there.



answers from New York on

we use the gerber basic bottles. Unless your child has special concerns, I wouldn't be too concerned about germs. You are prepping the bottles with your own clean hands. Soon baby will have everything in his mouth.



answers from New York on

I switched from the Dr. Browns to the Playtex Drop-Ins. Sooooo much easier! Less spit up, less gas!



answers from New York on

PLAYTEX DROP INS- THE LINERS ARE BPA FREE.sorry for all caps, my darling son must have done that lol! target also sells bpa free liners



answers from New York on

I liked the playtex drop ins also :).

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