Benefits of Total Body Cleansers?

Updated on April 03, 2007
M.B. asks from McKinney, TX
6 answers

I'm thinking of trying a total body cleanser but I have no idea what to get. Has anyone used them? Are they helpful w/ weight loss? What exactly do they do? Thanks!

I'm looking on GNC's website and there's a ton to choose from - how do you know which detox product to get?

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answers from Dallas on

Go to the website, the pictures that you see there is really what came out of me in the first two days. I swear that I don't sell their product. If you do decide to get it the best way to drink your fiber is to mix it in half a cup of orange juice and half a cup of milk, blend it together with the fiber and drink it really fast or it will swell up in your throat. It tastes better than most fiber that you have to drink. I only did it for about two weeks I really need to finish doing it. My stomach definately wasn't as bloated and I am sure if I would have stuck with it longer I would have lost weight. I still have one whole box left. You definately know this one works by what you see in the toilet. It also didn't make me cramp at all either. One more great thing I liked about this was the fact that I didn't have to change my eating habits at all. I can't stick to those super strict cleanses. All it asks is that you drink lots of water to help flush everything out.

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answers from Dallas on

I prefer the Arise & Shine cleanse. Make sure you do your homework before doing this. It takes a lot of self-disipline and if you don't do it slowly, you can get sick. You can expect to lose weight, but the good news it that you aren't just losing body fat, you are losing the crud in your intestines, which really helps out the waist line towards the end of the cleanse.
This one is expensive, but it is the best! (However, I buy an off-brand of the 100% pure psyllium husk powder for a lot cheaper than this brand.)

happy cleansing!

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answers from Nashville on

M., I'm not sure where Blue Ridge is in relation to the NE Tarrant area, but both Health Approach Market in Grapevine, at 121 & Glade, and The Sunflower Shoppe on Camp Bowie in FT. Worth, have "Super Tuesday" specials the first Tuesday of each month. You get 20% off all body care & supplements that day. Their staff is very knowledgeable & will answer any questions you may have & point you in the proper direction for what you may feel your body needs at this time. Most of their supplements are very high-quality, some even organic.

Check them out!


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answers from Albuquerque on

Hi M.! You are definitely on the right track as far as realizing how incredibly important internal body cleansing is to your overall health and wellbeing! I personally use and HIGHLY recommend Arbonne International's Herbal Colon Cleanse and Detox Tea! These are awesome products that are more natural, non-harsh, and allow your body to work the way it's intended to. We also have a complete, natural, Vegan, weight-loss system that includes fiber and protein shakes.
If you'd like to check it out, please let me know. Or, you can visit my website at: to learn more. Here is some more info on these products!

Herbal Colon Cleanse
A robust blend of cleansing and detoxifying herbs plus beneficial microflora to support colon health.* It’s safe, natural, mild and promotes a healthy colon by naturally eliminating potentially harmful toxins.*

Key Ingredients: Herbs, Lactospore®, FOS and psyllium

Intended For: Colon health support*

60 tablets/30 day supply, #1859; $18

Additional Info: L-Carnitine is found in the body and it plays a major role in supporting high-energy body functions.* L-Carnitine helps to metabolize fat and burn excess, unwanted fat.* High concentrations are found in the heart because it relies on fuel to pump blood through the body.

Figure 8® Daily Detox Tea
A unique blend formulated with herbs to help cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body, preparing you and your body to reach your weight loss goals.* This international blend of botanical ingredients contains herbs that support the normal function of the liver, kidneys and the blood, while supporting toxin elimination.*

Key Ingredients: Milk thistle, couch grass root, sarsaparilla root and burdock root

Intended For: Assisting the natural cleansing and detoxifying process of the liver and kidneys

20 tea bags, #1844; $12

Good Luck!
M. O. - Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant, Arbonne International

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answers from Melbourne on

HI M. -
Cleansing the body is such an incredible addition to weight loss that I don't understand why it is not more mainstream than it is. Perhaps because people don't want to go for that kind of effort. Here's a fascinating bit of info to help explain it. The body will contain toxins (of any sort - and of which we are bombarded daily) by surrounding them with fat and storing them as a way of protecting the rest of the body from their negative impact! Pretty ingenious of the body! As you do some types of cleansing, the toxins are pulled out of the system and at the same time, the fat breaks apart(and can then be flushed out) to release it. That's the one minute response. I am involved with a nutritional program that involves a lemon drink in the morning that is the cleanse (has fantastic ingredients!) and a balanced nutritional shake that has the Right Balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes (to be able to assimilate them all and deliver them into the cells) and nutrients for not only excellent health, but helps the body to increase serotonin (as in antidepressants). It's a solid and Healthy way of losing weight and people are getting fantastic results with a multitude of other symptoms getting relief at the same time. So - that's my quick answer. A definate yes. There are lots of products to choose from though, so be attentive to what you are choosing, do some research and/or you're welcome to email me for more info. You can make a great residual income off of this line as well if that is of interest....
PS - you can also check out my business listing - listed from March 19th. "Revolutionary Organic Nutritional System: Dramatically Changing Lives"



answers from Dallas on

i was reading on dr mercola website that the best cleanser out there is by jordan rubin. it's called garden of life products -perfect cleanse. all the ingredients from what i understood were organic so it would cleanse you and not put harmful toxins back in your body. i'm going to try it out. it's suppose to be very gentle. the other thing dr. mercola was saying was if you are not eating healthy and not excercising then don't waste your money on a cleanse because while it is healthy if the other things aren't change you are just putting more junk into your body(processed foods ect..) and if you are not sweating doing exercise then your body is not eliminating those toxins. if you look at his website he is very extreme but i have found it very helpful-you just take what you can from it and do what you can and go from there. i have recently started excercising and trying to eat more veggies(raw) so doing a cleanse could benefit.
i hope this helps! you can hear all about cleansing on Dr mercola's website and buy the cleanse! God bless!!!

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