Benadryl for a 11 Month Old Who's 22Lbs

Updated on September 08, 2011
J.C. asks from Middletown, NJ
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My 11 month old baby girl has a severe runny nose. It has been keeping her up all night and day. No naps and no sleep. Everytime I go to put her down she immediately wakes up and cries. The doctor said to try Benadryl but it says on the label I shoudn't give it to anyone under 4. She won't sleep unless I get her nose dried up. Are there any dosages that anyone recommends???

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the feedback. The doctor said she actually has a virus and to just treat the symtoms. She said 1ml of benadryl should work. Unfortunately it still didn't help dry up her lil nose. I have tried putting her in her car seat but unfortunately she's a tummy sleeper and will not sleep any other way. Even put her in her swing. I guess the best thing is to just ride out the virus and hope it goes away soon. I think we all need some sleep!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Yes, nothing. I would not give an 11 month old Benadryl. Allergies and colds happen, just keep sucking her nose out and put a humidifier in her room. Try some Infants Vicks on her chest and the bottom of her feet.

You didn't say if it was just a runny nose or a cold or allergies?

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answers from Denver on

I also would call the Dr for the dosage. Also use saline, a humidifier and prop the bed up (unless she's supermobile...). Also "steam her" in the bathroom by putting her in there - with you and running the shower to steam up the room. You can also use vicks baby rub on her to help. She may very well have allergies so you can also go see a pediatric allergist to get more specific medical advice. Hang in there : )

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answers from Boston on

Your doctor should have told you the appropriate dose call them and ask.

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answers from Phoenix on

Your doctor should have given you this information right then and there. If he/she didn't include that info, get the dosage from your pharmacist. Not by asking here on mamapedia. We are not professionals, and you shouldn't trust anyone who says they are. Babies are very delicate and you should only seek medical advice, including medicine dosage advice, from your doctor and or pharmacist. The dosage is based on weight, and there is a certain calculation done in order to get the exact dosage for babies/children so that they are not overdosed. You CAN give benadryl to your baby. Some docs don't want you to, and some say ok depending on the weight of your baby. Even though it is an antihystamine, it does cause drowsiness and it is imparative that you consult your doc for this. :-)

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answers from Seattle on

Doctors trump labels. Each and every single time.

(labels used to read 6mo and under consult your doctor, and guess what? 1mo were given the go ahead and given correct dose)

That's what doctors are for. He can't prescribe it, as it's not an Rx med. Instead he tells you to buy it and what the dose/rate is. If it WAS an Rx med, he'd just prescribe you a bottle of it.

DO know that in every other 1st world country Benedryl (and pseudoephedrine, and tylenol, and ibuprofen) are still sold in 'infant drops' with the correct dosing per weight (not age, never go by age) on the back. Your ped may have goofed and just forgotten the correct dose per weight isn't on the back of infant drps any more. (pulling infant drops off the shelves in this country is still pretty NEW... they've been safely used for decades, it's only the past couple of years they've been pulled. And they weren't pulled FEDERALLY, it was a voluntary recall, following some studies done after pseudoephidrine was put 'behind the counter'. A MINORITY of parents were doing 1 of 2 things:

1) Not reading the active ingredient list and "double dosing" (as in giving tylenol cold, AND tylenol... or 2 cold meds with identical ingredient lists)

2) Kept giving the same med over and over or in higher doses because it 'wasn't working' (because there is no decongestant on the shelves anymore. The "PE" meds changed to an antihistamine which does NOT work at clearing congestion from infections, just allergies. Because it didn't work the MINORITY of parents just gave more and more).

NEVER EVER EVER EVER take "our" or ANYONE ELSE'S dosing recommendations unless they are a doctor or pharmacist or consulting nurse! If both your doctor and pharmacist happen to be closed, call the 24/7 nurse advice line and say your doctor said to give you 22lb infant benedryl but you don't know the correct dose. They will look it up for you.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

My 21 month old is 22 lbs and her doctor told us to use 1/2 tsp for her weight. I'd call doctor and ask the nurse just to make sure it's right for her age. Also note that that we had to use it because of hives she had and they couldn't figure out the cause. I'm not sure if her age is appropriate to use it. Call a nurse.

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answers from Kansas City on

our 9 month old was prescribed Benadryl for the itching from his excema, he has it really bad everywhere on his body except his face. he is almost 18 pounds and he can have 3mls every 6 hours if needed. i dont know the strength though. talk to the pharmacist or call the nurses line.

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answers from Portland on

Use only the dosage that your doctor recommended. This is a question that can only be safely answered by a medical doctor or a pharmacist.

BTW Zyrtec is not benedryl. There are many different kinds of antihistamines and Benedryl is just one of them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What doctor tell you to give a child medication and then does NOT tell you the dosage?

This is exactly why babies die. Guessing at dosages.

Run a cool mist humidifier, push liquids, prop up the head of the crib/bed, use a wedge pillow, Baby Vicks, a Vicks plug in. Can she sleep sitting in her car seat?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Since the doctor said to give it to her, ask the doctor for the dosage. Typically they go by pounds, and doctors know how to figure it out for less than the usual dosages. My nephew was/is a big boy and safely took Benadryl from under a year per his doctor's recommendations.

Oh, and have you tried having her sleep in her carseat? I had to do that when my little guy was 8 months and had a bad cold, otherwise he did the same as your daughter, absolutely could not sleep laying down.

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answers from Youngstown on

Just a word of caution, Benedrly makes most kids sleepy, but it can have the opposite effect on some kids. It makes my daughter hyper. I hope your daughter feels better!

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answers from Dayton on

Call the dr and ask. When mine was 13 months he was diagnosed with a peanut allergy, and I was told 1 tsp was fine to give for exposure. There are safe levels to give, but you need to know how much from someone who knows.

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answers from Norfolk on

my son has been on zyrtec/benadry since he was about 9 months old for his severe eczema, when he was that age the dosage was about 1/2 tsp. I'm surprised the doctor didn't tell you how much to give her

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answers from Washington DC on

I would go back to the doctor and ask what you can do. We use Claratin which has small child doses.

We used Vicks for babies (just a light dose on her chest, not under her nose), humidifiers and tried to keep her hydrated. And the dreaded nose bulb thing. Be careful because too much dryness can actually be a problem in itself.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I would never give a med to an infant that said to not do it. If you do and your child dies your doc can say he didn't say that, that you misunderstood. He would be free and clear, you'd be likely arrested for overdosing your child and manslaughter or something.

They know it's not formulated for little ones.



answers from New York on

Get the homeopathic remedy coldcalm. They have a childrens formula and it is totally safe and will actually help heal the baby rather than just a bandaid such as benadryl which can be dangerous. I only would use benadryl on my son at that age when he had a severe allergic reaction from strawberries. (small doses).



answers from New York on

I would ask the doctor how much he recommends, if he is the one who suggested it. If you are concerned about the warning on the label, dicuss that with the doctor. You can also ask your pharmacist about over the counter meds.

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