Belladonna- Yay or No? for Teething

Updated on January 23, 2012
A.E. asks from Waukee, IA
7 answers

I heard from others that this is not good to give to babies due to them possible seeing hallucinations.
I am looking for advise natural and OTC on what you used and what works.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Camilia by Boron works wonders. I like it better than Hyland's. I think it has belladonna. We didn't have any issues. Have you checked about the hallucinations with a homeopathic practioner? I've never heard of it.



answers from Madison on

I am still amazed at how well Hyland's teething tablets worked for us! The amount of "active" ingredients in them are so minimal, let alone side effects, I do not understand how they work at all. (being a scientist, I did some reading online and some calculations, there are supposed to be few to none molecules in each tablet) so I do not know how they work, but they seem to be working great.



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I read the same thing. My sister was giving the Hylands teething tablets to her daughter regularly and her daughter started struggling to urinate and was becoming constipated. She stopped giving the teething tabs and the problem went away. I did not like the side effects so I chose not to use Belladonna. I thought tyelonol was much safer.



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Hi A., I personally have never heard of the hallucinations...I did give that to my little one--I just dissolved the tablets in a teaspoon of H2O and then dropped it under his tongue--they also make homeopathic childrens tablets--for teething, among other things and they dissolve instantly under the tongue. I have used both and never had negative side effects from either. Good luck--and good choice for wanting natural remedies!!



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Hi A.,

Keeping in mind that no "one" remedy is going to work for everyone, I can share my experiences with you.....

I had never heard of Belladonna being an issue. I used and still use Hyland's Teething Tablets for my son as needed. (He's 17 months, and we seem to be at the tailend of teething). Never had any problems. My mom was floored by how great they work, and she was recommending them to all her friends. I also discovered a Hyland's product I like for myself (Calms Forte).

If you want to avoid Belladonna, there are a bunch of other "natural" teething products on the market, and many do not contain Belladona. They will be shelved right next to the Hyland's. I have a box of "Camilia" by a company called Boiron. I just checked the box, and it does not contain Belladonna, so there's a recommendation for you. The Camilia is a liquid and IMO worked just like the Hyland's.

There's also Orajel. Someone mentioned cold/frozen stuff... Some babies find warm stuff soothing, too. Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

The side effects of Belladonna include dialation of the pupils loss of coordination and can effect breathing and heart rate. Why would anyone give an infant a substance made from a poisonous plant during their most rapid developmental stage? Especially one that could blurr their vision and effect their balance and coordination. Exposure to bright sunlight could potentially damage a childs vision. This remedy may appear to be safe but why take risks when other safer options are available?


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I would never give belladonna on its own, however if you read the back of Hylands teething tablets, they contain a trace amount of belladonna. The Hylands are all natural, and the amount of belladonna in them is so minimal that the child would have to swallow 3 full bottles of the tablets to have a reaction.

We used the Hylands exclusively when the boys were teething, and it worked wonders. I used them when my wisdom teeth were coming in and they really do work well.

Otherwise get one of those mesh feeders and cut up a peach, freeze the slices, and let your baby chew on that in the high chair. It will taste good, good for her, and it will numb up her gums and feel good.

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