Belgian Vs. "Regular" Waffles

Updated on February 20, 2013
C.C. asks from Snowflake, AZ
6 answers

My waffle iron broke this week, and I'm shopping for a new one. I have a favorite recipe for "regular" waffles, but I am only finding belgian waffle makers. Will my recipe work in a belgian waffle maker, or do I have to make different batter for a belgian waffle maker?

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi C.-

The iron is pretty much the same...

The recipe for a true belgian waffle takes a little more time (ex... Rising time...folding whipped egg whites in at the end)


They do not freeze or re heat well in my experience...

So...when kiddos were little, I made double batch of regular...and froze half for quick school morning breakfasts...

Now that they are older and appreciate the difference...we take time for the belgian...particularly on the weekends.

They have gone from 'gourmand' to 'gourmet'!

Happy waffles!

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answers from Boston on

Hi! We are a mixed family so I have a regular and Belgian waffler. I use the same recipe for both machines. You can often find me using both machines at once. What ever your recipe is I am sure it would be fine. I use a recipe that calls for whipped egg whites as some others have mentioned. If one machine had to go it would be the Belgian, I'd never give up my waffle iron. It's big and I can flip the plates over and make my favorite---- grilled cheese. Paninis, quesadillas, and anything else you want to squish. But the boys like Belgian waffles...

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answers from New York on

Same recipe in Belgian waffle maker.

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answers from Iowa City on

You can use any recipe you want. You will just have to adjust the amount of batter you use per waffle so you don't over or under fill the maker.

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answers from Anchorage on

There is basically no difference between the two.

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